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Music history or historic musicology is one of the most important components of musicology, a discipline that documents the development of musical art and its culture in the course of time. Music history is closely linked to the history of other arts and general history and culture as well as the entire history of the development of human society, combining elements of philosophy. This discipline studies music and the way musical and music-historical facts are related and the role of music in society through history.

Courses offered by the music history curriculum include: music theory, evolution of musical styles, history of opera, history of jazz, media and consumer society, music and gender, popular music of the world.

Students will acquire unique skills including abilities to identify elements of music, recognise basic features of songs, recognise music from different countries, and identify instruments from different cultures. Through their acquired knowledge, music historians create original music works, composer biographies, studies comparing music and other cultural products, or reflections the relation between music and society.

Graduates can pursue diverse careers in the field of music as historians, teachers, librarians, composers, music promoters, critics and public relations specialists.

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The Music programme offered by the University of Wolverhampton is aimed at successful graduates from Music or Popular Music courses who possess particular interests and strengths in the following areas: music performance and leadership, musical direction and conducting, analysis and musicology and/or composing and performing your own material.

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Pre-Master Graduate Diploma in Music

This Graduate Diploma in Music at Newcastle University offers you progression to a postgraduate degree at one of the best universities in the UK to study music.

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M.Mus. Music Education

The Music Education programme from European University Cyprus (EUC) provides candidates with a comprehensive study of the theory, latest research and skills that shape this specialization as well as the capacity to explore the broader significance of Music Education within the contemporary social context.