Study Master’s degrees in Charlotte, United States -

Study Master's Degrees in Charlotte, North Carolina, United States

Charlotte at a glance

Charlotte, North Carolina, in the United States, is a classical Southern city with a modern, multicultural twist. Charlotte is the home of NASCAR, America’s favourite motorsport, and an ideal playground for sports enthusiasts and exercise amateurs everywhere. It has a proud heritage, while also being a thriving higher education centre, a finance and business hub and a leisure-friendly location.


Studying in Charlotte

Universities and colleges in Charlotte offer many Bachelor’s and Master’s degrees that are specific to the requirements of the local job market, such as accounting, business and administration, law, marketing, management, computer science, engineering, IT and healthcare. You could also find other study programmes with a more practical applicability like culinary arts, cosmetology, interior design or horticulture technology.

There are more specialised higher education institutions which offer Master’s of degrees in law, alongside a Juris Doctor Degree. Other PhD programmes are available for medicine, business, educational research and psychology.

Some institutions offer distance learning options, e-learning or hybrid classes for most courses through tech solutions which allow you to virtually attend. However, they don’t organise specialised online-only classes.

Given the city’s sports affinity, there are several study programmes which offer Bachelor’s Degrees in Athletic Training or Exercise Science, as well as Master’s in Kinesiology. Universities also provide numerous sports scholarships for most majors.

Another pragmatic approach by universities in Charlotte is the availability of cultural and heritage programmes, tailor-made for the diverse communities in the city. Here we have Master’s Degrees in African Studies, Latin American Studies, Religious Studies and Language Studies in Spanish, English and French.


Career opportunities in Charlotte

The city is one of the South-East US’s gateways to the international economy and headquarters to some of the world’s largest banking and insurance companies like Bank of America, Wells Fargo or MetLife. The financial and business sector is the largest employer in the metropolitan area, followed closely by the healthcare industry and the education sector.

Companies like Walmart, Duke Energy, American Airlines and Lowe’s complete the list of top employers which have a constant demand for new employees, both with specialised degrees such as medicine, accounting, engineering or IT, as well as administrative and business-related graduates. Charlotte is also a major centre for the US motorsport industry, housing the offices of NASCAR, as well as many heavy industry producers and subcontractors. Most companies organise internships for students and graduates.


Charlotte city life

Charlotte is a symbolic city for the South-East, a charming blend of old and modern which preserves its traditions while adapting to the future. It has many heritage sites and cultural landmarks which attract numerous tourists as well as residents:

  • Charlotte Museum of History
  • Mint Museum
  • The Light Factory
  • NASCAR Hall of Fame
  • Carolinas Aviation Museum
  • Discovery Place
  • Charlotte Symphony Orchestra
  • Blumenthal Performing Arts Centre

A very popular event is the annual Carolina Renaissance Festival, a history-themed fair which gathers almost 200,000 participants every year. It organises pageants, jousts, plays, battle re-enactments, as well as several Renaissance-themed games like horse-racing or archery.

Charlotte is also well-known as a major sports centre, with professional teams playing in the NFL, the NBA, the American Hockey League and Major League Lacrosse.

Another major advantage is the Charlotte Mecklenburg Library, which houses more than 1.5 million volumes, alongside numerous CDs and DVDs, attracting students and residents from the entire metropolitan area, and even the state.

For people fascinated by the outdoors, there are a few nature parks and theme parks offering hiking trails, rafting options and water sports.

International atmosphere in Charlotte

Charlotte is well known for its wide religious diversity, being a melting pot of different American cultures, including African-American, Native American, Hispanic and East-Asian. The official language is English, but Spanish is also spoken locally. The local accent is intelligible with relative ease, displaying some typical Southern characteristics. The city also has a growing international student community, adding to its cosmopolitan feel.

Weather Charlotte

The weather in Charlotte is fairly humid, with hot and rainy summers and short, cold winters. The city has a daily average for January of 40.1 °F (4.5 °C) and for July of 78.5 °F (25.8 °C). Charlotte usually has about 41.6 inches (1,060 mm) of precipitations per year, while winter months have, on average, 4.3 inches (10.9 cm) of snow. The cold season can also produce ice storms with a mixture of sleet and rain.


Accommodation costs in Charlotte

Accommodation options in Charlotte are reasonable and diverse:

  • In the city centre, rent for a one-bedroom apartment is 1,288 USD/month, while for three bedrooms is 2,000 USD/month
  • Outside the city centre, rent for a one-bedroom apartment is 910 USD/month, while for three bedrooms is 1,431 USD/month
  • On-campus housing offered by universities is between 615 and 805 USD/month for single rooms, an average of 636 USD/month for double rooms and between 492 and 554 USD/month for triple rooms.

Living costs in Charlotte

Charlotte is a moderately expensive city in compared to the U.S. estimate. The average living cost in Charlotte ranges from 964 to 1092 USD/month, excluding accommodation. Food costs reach about 348 USD/month, with cheaper options available at Asian restaurants. A public transport pass is around 88 USD/month, while a one-way ticket is 2.23 USD.

Universities in Charlotte

At Northeastern, experience is our essence and ethos. It’s what you gain when you make the world your classroom, your laboratory, and your platform to create change or grow your enterprise. Throughout our university network, experience draws you into society and compels you to solve its complex challenges.

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UNC Charlotte is North Carolina's urban research university. It leverages its location in the state's largest city to offer internationally competitive programs of research and creative activity, exemplary undergraduate, graduate and professional programs, and a focused set of community engagement initiatives.

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Union Presbyterian Seminary equips Christian leaders for ministry in the world — a sacred vocation that requires deep learning, commitment to service, and an ability to read culture and circumstance in the light of the rich resources of Scripture and theological tradition.

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Amazing things happen at the intersection of challenge and support, of big and small, of personal and worldly. We believe that you shouldn't have to decide between one thing or another. 

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