Study Master’s degrees in Jyväskylä, Finland -

Study Master's Degrees in Jyväskylä, Province of Western Finland, Finland

Jyväskylä at a glance

Renowned for being the first place in the world to provide education in Finnish, today Jyväskylä draws a significant number of international students, coming from around 70 countries worldwide. There are many reasons why you should choose to study abroad in Jyväskylä: over 30% of the city population is formed of students, within local universities, you can benefit of high-quality, research-based degree programmes in English. Students interested in sciences in particular can engage in some of the best research in mathematics and physics in Finland. Jyväskylä is the largest city in the region of Central Finland, located in the western part of the Finnish Lakeland, north-east of Tampere.


Studying in Jyväskylä

Most degree programmes dedicated to international students are conducted in English. Some university programmes use Finnish as language of instruction, including some courses in English. You don’t have to be proficient in Finnish, you can attend Finnish language classes after enrolment. However, international students whose first language is not English must demonstrate their skills with an international language proficiency test, TOEFL, IELTS, Cambridge or PTE.

Apart from the Bachelors, Masters and PhD courses, the diversity of accredited programmes offered by universities in Jyväskylä include: summer and winter schools, open studies (not meant for completing a degree, just to develop knowledge and skills in a certain field).

You can select from subject areas like: languages, journalism, computer science, information technology, philosophy, social work, environmental sciences, finance, sports management, nanoscience, MBA’s and more.

Most of the available distance degree courses are dedicated to students who plan to learn about: information technology, psychology or communication.


Career opportunities in Jyväskylä

Jyväskylä is one of the most developed cities in Finland in terms of economic growth. The main industries supporting the local economy include: educational and health care services, paper machinery production, information technology, services, and renewable energy.

Names of some of the top employers in Jyväskylä are: Metso, Keskimaa, Moventas, Manpower, Qvantel, Jykes, Nokia, Adecco, Combitech.

As an international student, you will not only be highly encouraged by local universities to apply for internships, but you will find many opportunities available in companies from Jyväskylä.


Jyväskylä city life

Jyväskylä is a charming city with a modern architecture, offering you the opportunity to admire works of the famous architect Alvar Aalto, as the city includes around thirty buildings built by him. Covering many shopping streets, bars and places where you can enjoy nature, Jyväskylä offers plenty of leisure activities.

The main places to visit in Jyväskylä:

  • The Alvar Aalto Museum
  • The Museum of Central Finland
  • Petäjävesi Old Church
  • Saynatsalo Town Hall
  • Toivola Old Courtyard – with seven beautiful wooden buildings from the late nineteenth century

Relax, walk or have a picnic in Church Park, one of the most popular places in Jyväskylä during the spring and summer seasons. Around here, you can also enjoy a coffee in one of the numerous terraces. The Päijänne Lake is a nice spot where you can swim, go fishing, or even sail.

Yläkaupunki area has a broad range of restaurants, bars, shopping stores and entertainment venues.

Sports play an important part in the life of Jyväskylä city, as you can attend many of the local sports events, related to ice hockey, football, baseball, water polo, basketball and other.

Jyväskylä hosts several annual festivals and local events, like the annual Jyväskylä Arts Festival, Arctic and Fabulous Film Festival, Sataman Yö is an annual pop music festival.

Whenever you feel the need to change the scenery, from Jyväskylä you are only three hours away from Helsinki, the capital.

International atmosphere in Jyväskylä

Jyväskylä has a diverse population, with the largest ethnic minorities that live here are: Russians, Estonians, Afghans, people from U.S., New Zealand.

Due to the skilled work force and high quality of life, Jyväskylä has been attracting innovative businesses, foreign investors and real estate developers, assisting multinational companies to expand their global markets by opening a local branch or representation.

Weather Jyväskylä

In Jyväskylä, winters are long, snowy, cold, and dark and summers are warm. In the winter, you will only experience around five hours of daylight and average high temperatures range between – 3 and – 5 °C (26 – 22 °F). Summers usually have mild temperatures, with daily averages of around 22 °C (72 °F) in July. The so-called midnight twilight (long daylight) occurs during summer.

Universities in Jyväskylä

Located at the heart of Finland, the University of Jyväskylä is a world-class university where cross-disciplinary and cutting-edge research meets open and energetic communality. JYU brings together education and psychology, natural sciences, humanities and social sciences, sport and health sciences, information technology and business and economics into a multidisciplinary whole brimming with the latest knowledge and skills.

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