Masters in Information Technology in the UK Still a Perfect Study Choice in 2023 -

Masters in Information Technology in the UK Still a Perfect Study Choice in 2023

Universities and colleges in the UK have always been on the top list of reputed university rankings and many of them have also been rated as some of the best in the world at teaching Computer Science and Information Technology degrees to international students.

Apart from the guarantee that you will receive high standard academic training, you’ll have access to plenty of scholarship opportunities, you will be surrounded by a high multicultural environment and the chance for networking events and internships in some of the local IT companies.

Read below and you’ll find some clear details on why studying a Computer Science degree at a university or college in the UK will have numerous benefits.

Find IT Masters in the UK

Plenty of Master's degrees in Computer Science at top universities in the UK

Although many British universities have postgraduate degrees in Computer Science, you might want to consider universities that offer best academic opportunities for Computer Science students. According to QS World University Rankings 2023, here are the top 10 best universities for a degree in Computer Science:

Here are other UK universities we recommend for IT studies:

Lots of IT degrees specialisations to choose from

First of all, you can find on-campus, online, part-time and full-time Master degrees in Computer Science and Information Technology available for various specialisations in the field.

Check these examples

Often times, Computer Science and IT programmes can be combined with different study fields, like biology, mathematics, geography or business.

In terms of class schedule, you will have to attend on a weekly basis:

  • around ten lectures
  • two tutorials
  • two sessions of practical classes

Courses will help you see the connections between theory and practical applications using diverse programming languages, software and hardware technologies.

Universities with high focus on Computer Science studies

  • University College London’s Computer Science department is a global leader in research in experimental Computer Science.
  • Imperial College London is mostly known for work around logic and artificial intelligence, visual information processing, and computational aspects of management science.
  • The Department of Informatics at King's College London addresses fundamental challenges in areas like artificial intelligence, telecommunications and robotics.

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Surrounded by state-of-the-art tech facilities

UK universities are highly equipped with some of the most modern technological facilities and international students in particular, are fascinated by the fact that they can always use this equipment to complement their coursework, research and assignments.

For instance, several universities, including City University of London, will provide Apple Macs and Linux workstations in several areas around the campus, with 24-hour free access for all students.

During classes, both students and professors always use computers or laptops, professors share their instructions and presentations on wide TV screens. If you enrolled in a Computer Science Master’s degree with a focus on game development, you will always have the possibility to test game software in specially created game studios and labs.

Compare IT Masters in the UK

Join ground-breaking research projects that make the world better

As a Computer Science and IT student, you will obviously spend a lot of time doing research work and experimenting. These activities either promote the development of Computer Science, or will help you launch high-tech projects.

Many Master's programmes in Information Technology have an interdisciplinary approach and share collaborations in e-science, health informatics, or nanotechnology.

You will have the opportunity to work and test your ideas on new tech discoveries with a wide range of applications in telecommunications, healthcare, business, robot-technology, automobile manufacturing and aviation.

For example, the research work held within some UK universities has led to creating some innovative tech systems and applications, such as:

  • a small automotive real-time operating system
  • optimised aerospace and automotive systems
  • GPS smartphone application for visually impaired people

Land an internship opportunity at a famous tech company

Clearly, you will be involved in daily practical exercises, but universities will also offer you the chance to improve your computing abilities within some of the local UK tech giants. Computer Science faculties organise various workshops and invite experts from companies like Shazam, Netbuilder, Softcat, NewVoiceMedia, or Misys to share their knowledge with students and recruit the most talented for internship positions.

The internship providers may offer interns full-time jobs on completion of their Masters so IT students in the UK enjoy endless professional opportunities.

IT specialists holding diplomas from UK universities are in high demand in business and science careers, and statistics show that their starting income is much greater that the income of graduates from other departments. The average salary of IT specialists in the UK is around 40,000 GBP/year.

Look no further and apply for a Master's degree in Computer Science in the UK!

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