Study in the UK and Get the Best of Both Worlds: Super-Fun and Top Education

When you first considered the idea of studying in the UK, you probably already had some reasons in your mind, such as the proven stellar education provided by universities, ground-breaking research and outstanding facilities. 

Just to see the whole picture and get convinced by the numerous advantages you can benefit from if you decide to study abroad in the UK, whether for an undergraduate Bachelor’s course or a postgraduate Master’s degree or PhD, here are top 10 reasons to study in the United Kingdom.

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1. The UK is still a leader in international higher education

British universities provide top-quality education, that is a well-known fact and all reputed rankings approve. Based on criteria such as the quality of teaching, training and research, graduate employability, international orientation (international students and staff ratio), and student satisfaction, QS, The Times Higher Education and Shanghai Rankings annually list a top of the best universities and around a quarter of UK institutions are present in the first 100 places.

You don’t have to limit your search to universities located in England, as several excellent universities can be found in Wales, Scotland or Northern Ireland.

Additionally, UK universities are monitored and evaluated regularly to ensure they offer the high standards of teaching, learning and research set by the UK government. So The Quality Assurance Agency for Higher Education (QAA) is the main institution closely inspecting these standards.

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2. Experience a whole world packed in one country

The United Kingdom is one of the most international and multicultural nations in the world and this feature is also visible within universities. The UK still welcomes the largest number of foreign students in Europe, with most internationals coming from India, China, Pakistan, Singapore, Hong Kong as well as United Arab Nations.

From cosmopolitan London, where over 100 languages and dialects are spoken, to historic counties like Yorkshire, the UK is a place of contrasts and diverse cultures.

Wherever you will choose to study in the UK, you will have the pleasure and opportunity to meet people and make friends from all over the world.

3. EU students enjoy favourable tuition and funding opportunities

Despite Brexit, EU/EEA students will still benefit from the same advantages as before in terms of tuition, meaning they will be charged the same fees as British students. That goes the same with the funding opportunities, as students coming from the EU are still eligible for financial help, so they can receive scholarships, loans, and grants.

And, even better, if you go study in Scotland, you should read more about tuition fees, because, as a Master's student, you can apply and receive a deduction of 5.500 GBP to your tuition fee.

4. Make use of world-class facilities

British universities make a first good impression due to their outstanding architecture. However, apart from the interesting history they reveal on the outside, the modern facilities you can find inside add up to the complete study experience. Universities in the UK are equipped with extensive and modern libraries, laboratories with cutting edge research equipment and even their own museums.

Oxford, for instance, established the first university museum, the Ashmolean, while Manchester University has its own radio telescope and Andrew’s University has its own observatory.

5. Fancy some unique university traditions

Universities in the UK keep several traditions, some of which might seem a little weird to newcomers. Students in the UK have the fresher’s week, where many parties are organised in the campus, and these are meant to help students adjust to… well the whole idea of being a student, and get to know one another better. But this is what you would call a normal tradition.

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At Oxford University, students have to wear special gowns when they go to their exams and pin carnations to their outfit. Carnations need to have a different colour, depending on the exam: white for the first exam, pink for those in between and red for the last one. Other universities, such as St. Andrews, organise foam fights, as part of a welcome greeting for new students. The bottom line is no matter where you go in the UK, universities will make sure you feel right at home.

Check out some UK universities with a diverse and entertaining campus life.

6. Master professional English language

Your professional English training will start from the moment you decide to apply to a British university because you will have to prepare for an English language proficiency test. The most common tests accepted by universities in the UK are IELTS and Cambridge, but some will also accept TOEFL.

Once you’re officially a student in the UK, you will hear, read, write and you will even think in English as well. Little by little, your English will start perfecting and soon, you’ll speak English just like native British people.

See what these students say about their study experience in the UK:

7. Finish your degree faster

In UK universities, most Master degrees last only one year, compared to most countries where they require two years to complete. That means investing only half the time for a graduate Master’s course, but you’ll have to be aware though, they are quite intensive and challenging.

8. Receive international recognition of your degree

By completing a degree at a university in the UK, you will not only develop valuable skills, earn advanced knowledge and become an expert in your field of study, but your qualification will be acknowledged and recognised worldwide.

British universities are renowned for their top, excellent academic training. Whether you want to go further with your studies and apply to a different university in a different country, your diploma will be highly appreciated and moreover, you will surely impress the admission committee.

So a higher education experience in Europe’s largest island will prove its worth.

9. A UK degree opens the door to fantastic careers

Studying abroad in the UK will demonstrate that you have learned to be an independent learner, you are always up for a challenge, you have received exquisite academic training and you have impeccable English. These are qualities and skills desired by most employers so you can rest assured that you will land a great job in your field soon after you graduate.

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10. Imagine living close to Big Ben or Stonehenge

While you’re in the UK, you should take advantage of living in one of the most visited countries in the world and check out at least some of the iconic attractions. See London’s landmarks, London Eye, Big Ben, Tower of London, Buckingham Palace, but don’t miss out the famous Windsor Castle, Stonehenge, and make a trip to the lovely countryside and visit Essex, Yorkshire, Cotswold or Oxfordshire.

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If these reasons convinced you to go and study in the United Kingdom, remember to also check the UK  student visa requirements based on your nationality:

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