Why Study an Engineering Degree in Germany in 2019?

Germany is a country with a rich tradition in science, making it a choice destination for students who wish to enrol in a Master’s degree in Engineering and Technology abroad.

The cosmopolitan country of high standards is a magnet for international students, especially since it abolished its tuition fees and increased its number of English-taught Master’s degrees in Engineering and Technology.

Below, we will present a couple of key-facts about studying in Germany, so you can better decide if it’s the perfect place for you to become an engineer.

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What you’ll learn during an Engineering Master's in Germany

Master’s programmes in Germany are aligned with European academic system standards and, as such, generally take 2 years to complete. It is also possible to find Master’s programmes that vary between 1 and 3 years, depending on the subject matter, teaching format, and more.

To be admitted for a Master’s in Engineering and Technology in a German university, college, or engineering school, you will be required to have graduated a Bachelor of Science degree in fields such as:

During your study, you may explore the practical side of Engineering via projects, internships, work placements and others.

Applying to a German programme is a difficult process if you’re not familiar with the educational system. Still, the way they are arranged is straight-forward, the universities being classified in the following categories:

  • Universities, that are the main higher education system and are publicly administered
  • Universities of Technology (Technische Universität), that focus on science, technology and engineering disciplines, being a branch of the typical research universities
  • Universities of Applied Sciences (Fachhochschulen), that cater to business and social sciences majors, and are, usually, private institutions

Cities where you can study a Master’s in Engineering in Germany

There are around 200 Master’s degrees in Engineering and Technology all over Germany you can choose from. Courses usually begin in summer or winter, depending on your enrolment date, and are either taught in English or German.

There are a lot of major cities in Germany that host universities and colleges with Master’s degrees in Engineering and Technology. Some of the most preferred by students, for their living costs and general atmosphere, are:

Study costs for a Master's in Engineering in Germany

Regardless of your destination in Germany, you have a high chance of paying a small tuition fee or even studying for free in public universities. There is only a 650 EUR/semester fee for international students from the EU/non-EU. Keep in mind, however, that private universities charge tuition costs of up to 40,000 EUR/year.

Some great tuition-free universities in Germany are:

Student scholarships for Engineering in Germany

It’s each and every international student’s dream to find a Master’s degree that also provides a generous scholarship. Besides those offered by each Engineering Master’s programme, there are over 300 scholarships for students who want to do their Master’s degree in Germany.

You can also check out the Studyportals Scholarship to get some help on financing your studies abroad.

Best Engineering schools in Germany

Every year, Times Higher Education Rankings presents a list with some of the leading German universities and colleges in Engineering and Technology.

Here are the German engineering schools in Top 100 Technical Universities Worldwide, in the academic year 2016 - 2017:


Specialisations for Engineering studies in Germany

The disciplines of Engineering and Technology are pretty broad and, since this is the Master's level, you have the opportunity to specialise and further your studies in a multitude of fields.

Salary prospects of a Master's graduate in Engineering

You will have no problem finding a job in Germany with a Master’s degree in Engineering. On average, the salary of such an alumnus is between 52,000 - 66,000 EUR/year.

Whether you dream of being known as a problem-solver or you would like to be asked about the latest technology discoveries and solutions, you have the chance to pursue these dreams in Germany.

The next step is to just search for a favourite city or university in Germany and start your way towards a successful career in Engineering.

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