What Can I Become if I Study a Master's in Communication Sciences?

Communication Sciences degrees are currently among the most popular Master's programmes because they help you develop valuable skills like creativity, analytical thinking, and the ability to communicate effectively.

Most Bachelor’s and Master’s degrees in Communication Sciences include topics related to journalism, public relations, marketing strategies, organisational culture and more.

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Whether you choose to work in the public or private sector, a degree in Communication Sciences allows you to choose a career that leads to personal and professional development, as well as high salaries. Let’s look at some of the most popular Communication Science jobs and the average salaries in the US, according to PayScale:

1. Translator – 48,200 USD/year

Work for: private translation companies, government institutions, corporations, or open a private translation office

  • Translate different types of documents: brochures, reports, user manuals, birth or divorce certificates, books, etc.
  • Ensure that the message, intent, and style of the source language is kept when you translate it to the target language
  • Check documents for spelling and grammar mistakes
  • Maintain the confidentiality of the information and texts you translate

2. Interpreter – 42,600 USD/year

Work for: business clients, academic institutions, healthcare facilities, government

  • Help people who speak different languages understand each other by translating what they say
  • Translate video or audio recordings
  • Help clients fill in forms and other types of documents
  • Help clients understand cultural differences, habits, and local idioms and sayings

3. Public Relations (PR) Specialist – 48,000 USD/year

Work for: private companies, NGOs, government officials, celebrities

  • Prepare different types of documents, like press releases, case studies, images, etc.
  • Create and maintain a good reputation for your client
  • Organise press conferences, interviews, and other events
  • Answer to questions or requests from media organisations

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4. Communication Specialist – 51,300 USD/year

Work for: different types of organisations, like businesses, NGOs

  • Manage the internal and external communications of the company
  • Work on materials like job descriptions, notes, press releases, or marketing documents
  • Organise public events like fundraisers or press conferences
  • Provide communication training to other teams and departments

5. Technical Writer – 59,200 USD/year

Work for: companies from the computer, technical, and scientific industries

  • Write technical texts, such as user manuals, maintenance instructions, or guidelines in an easy-to-understand, non-technical language
  • Work on the layout of documents and decide what elements (images, graphs, lists) would add value for the user
  • Stay up to date with the technical processes and applications from your industry
  • Provide training for junior technical writers

6. Sales Representative – 48,200 USD/year

Work for: manufacturing companies, independent sales agencies

  • Promote and sell the company’s products and services
  • Find new customers and present them the products/services
  • Stay up to date with the latest trends in sales and marketing
  • Write reports and keep track of your sales objectives and progress

7. Journalist – 40,700 USD/year

Work for: news organisations, radio or television stations

  • Research information and find reliable sources for new articles
  • Find leads, conduct investigations, and carry out interviews
  • Verify the accuracy of statements, facts, and numbers
  • Collaborate with editors, reporters, designers, and photographers

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Keep in mind that to succeed in a Communication Science career, you need to develop excellent oral and written communication skills. Analysis and critical thinking will also serve you well. You can choose from various creative and engaging jobs and work on written materials or speeches which inform, persuade, or entertain your target audience.

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