Top 11 Universities in Germany to Apply for in 2021

by Jennifer Weingarten

Germany has one of the best higher education systems in Europe and degrees from German universities are worldwide recognised as top quality. Germany is also among the leading nations when it comes to research and innovation.

Many German universities have been awarded for excellent academics and training and they are always present in the major university rankings.

German universities recognised for their excellent academics

Pursuing a degree at a university in Germany is basically a guarantee for receiving top quality education that is focused on innovative research. Studies and articles resulted from the research done in German universities are available in worldwide important research publications and references. Find below examples of German universities that have been always leading top university rankings and where students have acclaimed their quality teaching style.

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Top 11 German Universities


Top 3 reasons to apply to a university or college in Germany

1. Benefit from free-tuition

International students from the EU don’t have to pay tuition fees if they enrol in a public university. You will only be charged a small administrative fee each semester of between 100 and 200 EUR. The free-tuition scheme is a great advantage and it is one of the reasons why Germany draws so many internationals compared to other European countries.

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2. Enjoy affordable living costs in Germany

Throughout Germany, living costs are quite affordable, even for the accommodation which usually has an average rate between 300 and 450 EUR/month. For other expenses, including food, transportation and social activities, you would spend another 250 – 300 EUR/month. Typically you should budget at least 800 EUR/month for your living costs. 

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3. Plenty of scholarships available for foreign students

Whether you will have to pay for tuition fees or not, you can apply for plenty of scholarships to finance your studies in Germany. The numerous available scholarships are meant to either cover all or part of your fees or the living costs. German student organisations like DAAD and Deutschlandstipendium and several universities in Germany offer scholarships to students every year.

You can also check out the Studyportals Scholarship to get some help on financing your studies abroad.

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Universities in Germany offer degrees for all students worldwide

The list of excellent German universities that offer outstanding research and teaching does not end here. Whether you’re interested in studying Engineering, Computer Science or Psychology or Art, you’ll be sure to find a suitable degree programme at a German university. Start browsing Bachelor’s and Master’s degrees in Germany!

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