Why International University Should Rank High on Your List If Searching for German-Quality Online Studies

For those of you interested in earning an accredited online university degree, the International University (IU) should be high on the list. It offers over 200 fully online study programmes to more than 85,000 students across the world. It is so good that QS University Ranking awarded them the maximum 5 Stars for Online Learning

The name probably gave it away, but IU is primarily designed for international students. Being able to study from anywhere in the world eliminates all issues regarding moving to a foreign country, accommodation, adapting to a new culture, high costs of living, or being unable to move because of family responsibilities. 

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What is IU?

The International University of Applied Sciences is an affordable private university in Germany which has a fully-online option for all its programmes. IU is recognised by the German state and accredited by FIBAA (Foundation for International Business Administration Accreditation) and the German Council of Science and Humanities. IU is Germany’s biggest university with over 85,000 students across the world, 94% of whom find a job within three months of graduation.

International University innovates in many areas, such as accessibility to resources, using interactive tools and finding ways to open up higher education for everyone. At the same time, if you love the traditional feel of campus life, you can opt for the hybrid option and have that as well. 

Why choose IU?

The main goal of International University is to make education affordable and “to create inclusive, global and wholly accessible education.” To make that happen, IU has the option of studying 100% online and the flexibility of starting whenever you want, going through the course materials when it fits your schedule, and taking exams online at a time of your choosing. 

But there are other reasons for international students to choose IU as well, and these are our top favourites:

You get one month of free trial

This is not something you can have with other universities. Usually, you’re either in or out. But International University offers a test drive. You can enrol and attend classes for a month free of charge, and if you don’t like it, you can give up without any further obligations. 

Flexible schedule


If you choose an online degree, you have the benefit of applying anytime, without deadlines and choosing your own start date. On top of that, of course, you can study anywhere you want. So, you can get an international education without even leaving your home. 

Flexibility also means you get to choose whether you want to study full-time or part-time or whether you need to take a semester off or even a leave of absence, all without paying anything during that time. 

Moreover, you get to choose whether you want to participate in a graduation ceremony on campus or want to receive your certificate at home. 

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Low cost and good value for money

In short, International University is cheaper than most other private universities. For online studies, a Bachelor’s degree can vary from €13,983 for full-time study to €16,467 for part-time, while a Master’s goes from a minimum of €9,787 in 60 credit degrees to a maximum of €16,111 in part-time 120 credit degrees. 

See exact costs here: Tuition fees 


This is what modern education looks like: the programmes are designed in such a way that they accommodate the student’s needs and not the other way around. Apart from the complete flexibility, at International University, all course materials are available online, there are numerous interactive learning materials, as well as a virtual campus where you can connect with other students. 

State recognised

IU is recognised by the German state, and it also received accreditation from the German Science Council. On top of that, the university is also system accredited by FIBAA. Proof of the quality of their education are the different awards and ranking positions they obtained, such as being awarded 5 Stars for Online Learning by QS Top Universities Ranking

Go here to see all their accreditations and awards: Accreditations & rankings

Highly international

Because it is open to students all over the world, you will have a truly multicultural experience at the International University. 

At the moment, there are over 85,000 students enrolled with the university and over 600 teaching and support staff.

What can you study at IU?

There is a primary focus on Business & Management, Data & IT, and Marketing & Communication. 

But they also offer a couple of degrees in Psychology and Health & Social Care. 

All Bachelor’s programmes at IU

How does it work?

If you choose the fully-online experience, you can start at a date of your choosing. You will have lectures available in video format, interactive materials, podcasts, an extensive online library, as well as support from tutors and a vibrant international community you can connect with through the virtual campus.  

Exams can also be taken online at any time once you’ve completed all the preparatory tasks, such as passing non-graded self-tests. 

In addition, if you prefer to be on campus, some of the courses have this option available. 

Study on-campus option is possible for some of the courses. Even if you choose a hybrid option, you’ll still have access to the video materials.

All Master’s programmes at IU

What do students say?

Alumni surveys show that 94% of IU graduates manage to find a job within three months of graduation, and 80% of all graduates find management positions within two years after graduation. 

Moreover, student satisfaction at the International University is very high, with an impressive recommendation rate of 96% among its graduates. 

See real testimonials from students here: Our Success Stories

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