Great Computer Science Courses for Indians Looking to Study in Canada

Canada is a great option for international study. Although education is the responsibility of Canadian provinces, the country’s links to the UK and shared border with the USA means it draws on the academic heritage of both. Canadian universities compete globally, and offer programs, including Computer Sciences degrees, in all their world-class universities.

Why study in Canada?

Education is an important part of Canadian culture. Nationally most pre-university education is publicly funded, and many universities were founded in response to public demand. The nation has one of the highest college and university graduation rates in the world, and more than half of all working-age people in Canada are graduates.

Although provinces are responsible for higher education, they all operate systems to ensure that universities meet high standards, with many Canadian universities featuring in global rankings. Add to this Canada’s legendary friendliness, some world-class cities, and a generous study visa program that allows you to work to either support yourself or gain industrial experience, and it makes studying in Canada an ideal option for international students.

Find your Computer Science Bachelor’s in Canada

Canada, as a relatively young nation, owes a lot to immigration and continues to welcome newcomers. Today, one-fifth of all Canadian residents were born elsewhere — a proportion expected to grow — and it contains a large Indian diaspora, nearly one-and-half million people, about 4% of the population. It makes Canada a very popular choice for Indian students; each year, over 200,000 Indian students attend Canadian universities, representing a third of all international students in Canada.

Why Computer Sciences in Canada?

Unsurprisingly, for one of the world’s most educated countries, Computer Science plays a big role in the Canadian economy. Supporting over 1.6 million jobs, four of North America’s top-twenty markets for tech talent are in Canada, and the Toronto-Waterloo tech cluster is second only in size to Silicon Valley.

Find your Computer Science Master's in Canada

Recognized as a world leader in tech, Canada attracts significant amounts of investment — including all the top 10 tech companies in the world — as well as developing its own home-grown talent. This increases the potential for employment after a Bachelor’s degree, as well as giving universities a big incentive to offer some of the world’s best Computer Science degrees.

Where to study in Canada

With world-class universities, occupying ten positions in the top 250 on the QS World University Rankings, it can be a difficult choice. The following all have exceptional courses, but each offers something different, whether it’s student experience, the course structure, or even the cost. Together they illustrate the richness of Canadian education.

Trent University

Trent University

Based in Peterborough, Ontario, Trent University offers a collegiate system, dividing students between five colleges and offering smaller than average class sizes, which are often more focused on seminar and tutorial learning rather than lectures.

The university is predominately undergraduate, with over 90% of students studying for a Bachelor’s degree. The university also has a strong academic reputation and is particularly known for its Arts subjects, offering a range of media and creative subjects in its offer. This helps broaden its Computer Science degree, which is a four-year course that covers computing, as well as Law, Culture, and Ethics which are now a big part of a career in tech.


Toronto Metropolitan University

With over 45 thousand students, Toronto Metropolitan University (TMU) is one of the world’s larger in-person universities. Highly ranked, TMU is noted for its research, with nearly forty research institutes and centres associated with the institution.

The campus is in the heart of Toronto, and integrates with the city, offering an exceptional opportunity to sample Canadian life alongside student living. And as well as being student-friendly, Toronto is one of the world’s most diverse cities, with a significant Indian community, both students and working people.

Northeastern University

Northeastern University

If you already have a Bachelor’s degree, then Northeastern University might be an option. Although it's a US institution, Northeastern has campuses in Vancouver and Toronto, making it possible to benefit from education with one of the world’s best universities when you study in Canada. As a private research university, about one-third of its student population is postgraduate.

Northeastern’s Vancouver campus offers courses both for Computer Science degree graduates and those looking to transition from other disciplines. Combined with the university’s international ethos, strong tradition of practical learning, and the option to work with a study visa, it creates a compelling offer for students looking for a qualification that will make them stand out.

University of Winnipeg

University of Winnipeg

The University of Winnipeg’s Applied Computer Science degree stands out for its value. Tuition fees are significantly lower than most competitors, making it more accessible to international students who are funding their own courses.

One of Canada’s smaller universities, it prides itself on its inclusive culture and smaller class sizes. It is also home to the Global College, which hosts its own degree courses but also helps to bring international students and the local community together with a program of events, activities and courses to enrich their experience.

Lakehead University

Lakehead University

Lakehead University is, perhaps, one of Canada’s most welcoming and diverse universities. It controls a significant amount of accommodation for students, with thousands of properties, ranging from rooms with hall-style catering to self-contained accommodation.

It also offers a flexible Bachelor’s degree in Computer Science. Recently restructured, it allows students to follow a flexible path to focus on courses they find the most interesting, or most relevant to their career, from specialist courses in Mobile Computing or Health Informatics, to Programming Games.

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