Japanese Universities with Excellent Computer Science Options for Vietnamese Students

Japan has a long association with technology, with many household names originating there and many common devices and appliances owing their inspiration to Japan’s industrial and technological innovations. In part, this is down to Japan’s highly technical education system, which also means Japanese universities are well-equipped to provide excellent Computer Science degree programs.

How is the higher education system in Japan organized?

Japan only started to develop universities during a period of modernization in the late 19th century. The country long had contact with scholars from Western nations, and therefore Japanese universities were heavily modelled on the European approach, with some changes to increase their relevance to Japanese society. Since the late 20th century, the importance of university education has risen in Japanese culture, putting a lot of pressure on Japanese students to successfully pass the annual entrance exams.

Find your Computer Science Bachelor’s in Japan

The system is divided between private and public institutions, with private universities accounting for around 80% of Bachelor’s degree students. The requirement of most major businesses for a good degree means that university standards are high. The strong technical focus of most universities, along with the close links that many develop with corporations, means they offer reputable Computer Science degrees.

What is life like for an international student in Japan?

Although most universities are private, Japan is notable for setting relatively low fees. Depending on the programme and the university, it might be less than one-tenth of the cost of studying the equivalent course in a Western university. However, this is slightly offset by longer degrees; programmes can last four to six years, compared to the usual three or four years elsewhere.

It should also be noted that studying in Japan comes with a high cost of living. This is particularly notable in Tokyo, which is frequently recognized as one of the world’s most expensive cities, and while it is cheaper elsewhere in Japan, international students will have to budget accordingly, especially when arriving from a relatively low-cost country like Vietnam.

List of Computer Sciences Master’s in Japan

However, the relationship between Japan and Vietnam is over a thousand years old, and while the relationship has changed over time, economic ties have brought the two countries closer in recent decades, and education has been a key part of that developing relationship. There are, therefore, several programs Vietnamese students might be able to access to support their studies.

Computer Sciences degrees in Japan to consider

With the high expectations of universities in Japan and their technical bias, you can expect a great course. But the way universities in Japan have developed means each is unique and can offer something different. At the same time, Tokyo’s size and world-city status make it the first choice for people who want to study in Japan. So, here are five universities that represent the diversity of Japanese education from across the country.


Shibaura Institute of Technology

One of the country’s leading private universities, the Shibaura Institute focuses, even at the undergraduate level, heavily on Engineering, Science, and Design, offering a range of related computing topics.

With three campuses in the greater Tokyo area, Shibaura is a great place to study in Japan if you also want to experience the vibrant heart of Japanese culture. The university teaches over 200 courses in English, meaning that the courses are accessible even if you don’t have a high level of Japanese.


Kyushu University

Located in Fukuoka, on the island of Kyushu, Kyushu University is one of the highest regarded in Japan and features in global university rankings.

Fukuoka is one of Tokyo’s larger cities and biggest ports. This has created a city with an international outlook and is often seen as a gateway to Japan. This is reflected in Kyushu University’s intake: about 10% of its enrolled students are international. The university also offers a range of scholarships for international students, several of them with links to corporations, integrating industrial experience with a Computer Science degree.

Chiba, Japan

Chiba Institute of Technology

Founded in 1942, Chiba Institute of Technology is Japan’s oldest private technical university and was created with the aim of furthering not just Japanese, but Asian technology in general. This regional vision means the Chiba Institute of Technology may be an obvious choice for Vietnamese students.

Chiba offers a range of computing degrees, including a bachelor’s degree in Computer Science, which aims to equip graduates with the skills to develop their own software. It also boasts a range of related disciplines such as Information Management and Network Science.

Nagoya University

Nagoya University

Nagoya University is considered the last Imperial University, founded in 1939 under the Japanese Empire. The university has a prestigious track record and an enviable research reputation: seven Nobel Prize winners have associations with Nagoya. Outside its academic success, it is regarded by many in business as one of Japan’s best universities for producing future leaders and high-value employees.

Like several leading Japanese universities, it is part of the Global 30 International program, aiming to encourage students to study in Japan. The program means that many subjects, including its Computer Science degree, are taught in English.


University of Aizu

The University of Aizu specializes in Computer Science, making it ideal whether you are looking for a Bachelor’s degree, a Master’s degree, or higher. As a bilingual university, many of its courses are available in either Japanese or English, and around 40% of professors are from other countries, including a large contingent from Vietnam.

Being a highly regarded university in its own right, the Computer Science focus has helped it attain an exceptional standard for student outcomes. It is the top-ranked university in Japan for entrepreneurial launches and has close to a 100% employment rate for graduates.

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