The Best Computer Science Courses in the UK for French Students

A trip across the Channel to study in the UK opens a world of opportunity for international students from France. A strong academic reputation, a large French community, and a long association with modern computing make the UK an ideal place to get a Computer Science degree.

Why study in the United Kingdom

Perhaps the most obvious reason to choose a UK university is the nation’s excellent academic reputation. The UK performs strongly in international league tables, and competition and national regulation mean that all universities must maintain exceptionally high standards. Whether it’s for a Bachelor’s degree or postgraduate study, the UK offers a great selection of universities.

Almost all UK universities have a diverse student community, reflecting the diversity of the UK itself. Over 600,000 international students are attending UK universities, with around 14,000 of them from France.

List of Computer Sciences Bachelor’s in the UK

The UK’s withdrawal from the European Union has brought some changes. Students will have to apply for a student visa, and most will have no right to work during their course. However, there is a graduate route to remain in the UK for work after graduation. And while the UK has a relatively high cost of living, it is comparable to France; in fact, French students may find the UK cheaper, depending on location and lifestyle!

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Why the UK is great for Computer Science

The UK has a long association with technology. It was home to many of the milestones in Computer Science, from Ada Lovelace, the creator of the algorithm, to the world’s first Computer Science degree at Cambridge. It is a leading tech centre, with universities frequently at the heart of tech hubs across the country.

Find a Computer Sciences Master’s in the UK

Whether it’s for a Bachelor’s degree or a Master’s, studying in the UK means your course is enriched by both the history and future of tech and computing.

Where to study in the UK

It’s hard to go wrong when looking at the UK for study, but here are five programmes that are great for French students. We’ve selected these because they have large numbers of French students and are often close to French population centres, but also because of the exceptional and innovative courses they offer.


University of Bristol

Bristol is recognised as one of the UK’s more progressive cities, with nearly 200 French students, and is home to a range of creative companies. The university was recently named the "world’s best university business incubator."

University of Bristol links with local businesses working in software, electronics, games, communications, and animation to enrich their course, and even offer a four-year single honours course offering an MEng in Computer Science and Innovation.


Aston University

Aston University is in the heart of Birmingham, the UK’s second-largest city. With a rich industrial heritage, Aston began with a focus on technical subjects, and while its academic offer has expanded, it still has a strong offer when it comes to science, technology, and engineering, including its Computer Science degree.

Alongside Computer Science, it offers a range of other related Bachelor’s degrees, including Computer Science and Business, and degrees in Cybersecurity. It has a high rate of graduate employment, and recent surveys suggest that Aston graduate salaries can be £6,500 higher than the sector average.


University of the Arts London

If you are looking to study in the UK to get a qualification that will set you apart, then consider the Bachelor’s in Virtual Reality or a Master’s in Creative Computing offered by the University of the Arts London.

University of the Arts focuses on creative and design courses. The Virtual Reality programme is hosted by its College of Communication in the centre of London and offers students the opportunity to collaborate with other students from related programmes like Animation, Film Design, and Games Design.

The University of the Arts has one of the UK’s largest populations of international students, including over 350 from France. And is just a short bus or tube ride from the heart of London’s French community in South Kensington.

Goldsmiths, University of London

Goldsmiths began as a charitable endeavour of the Worshipful Company of Goldsmiths. Growing rapidly, the college was soon handed over to the University of London. Since then, it has become one of the UK’s leading universities in the creative and communications sectors.

The Goldsmiths’ Computer Science degree draws on this. The three-year Bachelor’s degree covers not just technical skills but also the soft skills required for a successful computing career. Graduates will leave with a thorough grounding in concepts like creativity, user-centred design, and project management required to stimulate inspiration and take it all the way to a finished product.

University of Roehampton

The University of Roehampton offers the best of both worlds for those that can’t decide between a city or a more rural experience. Sitting on the edge of Richmond Park, the University of Roehampton occupies a set of old manor houses set on beautiful grounds while remaining a short distance from central London. This allows it to offer a more affordable experience, with both tuition fees and living expenses, without sacrificing the opportunities that London has to offer students who study in the UK.

The university offers a range of relevant degrees, with the standard Computer Science degree joined by programmes like Software Engineering and Web Development. Their programmes are modular, allowing students to adapt and vary their courses to match their interests or career aspirations.

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