Five Top Universities for Turkish Students to Study Computer Science in Germany

Germany has one of the world’s best education systems, and the cultural importance of learning means fees are kept low and you can easily find cheap study programmes. Combined with the long history of Turkish immigration, studying Computer Sciences in Germany is a great option for Turkish students.

Why choose Germany?

Germany has some of Europe’s oldest universities and boasts a proud tradition of academic excellence. Because the nation places a high value on education it has a well-developed system in place and because of the emphasis on accessibility, it also has some of the lowest fees you can find. And even though fees for a Bachelor’s degree are low, they will often include practical costs as well, for example, some meals as well as tuition. Combined with the generally low cost of living in Germany, it’s an incredibly affordable option.

List of Computer Science Bachelor’s in Germany

The long history of Turkish migration to Germany also makes it a great destination for Turkish students. Although there are no official statistics, there are estimated to be around 7 million Turks and people of Turkish descent in Germany. And they make up one of the largest groups of the more than 400,000 international students in the country. There are many Turkish population centres, and Turkish is the second most spoken language, with many areas featuring signs and ads in Turkish as well as German.

Why Germany is good for Computer Science

One of the main reasons to study Computer Science in Germany is that this European country has a large tech sector. Although it has a stronger reputation for hardware than software, a legacy of the nation’s engineering excellence, the sector is growing strongly. Deloitte recently estimated it was worth just under €300 billion a year and growing faster than the rest of the German economy.

Find a Computer Sciences Master's in Germany

Germany also has a split university system, with universities and universities of applied sciences. Both offer Bachelor’s degrees of equivalent value, however, only universities can offer PhDs, and universities of applied sciences tend to have a more practical focus and often have links with industry. This makes them ideal if you are looking for a Computer Science degree which goes beyond purely academic study.

Five trending universities to study Computer Science

To Study Computer Science in Germany requires a study visa which allows you to work alongside your Bachelor’s degree and makes it easy to remain in the country to begin a career afterwards. We’ve chosen five city-based universities that are close to centres of Turkish population but also to vibrant tech sectors to maximise your opportunities.

Berlin, Germany

Arden University

Arden University is a private, international university. Founded in the UK, it offers a range of degrees for both in-person and remote study. The university has a range of three-year courses that are designed to be flexible and practical.

If you are looking for a Computer Science degree, their honours degree in Computing has a modular approach and two pathways: a technical pathway, or a management pathway that combines computing with leadership strategy. And, if you are a total beginner, they also deliver a four-year programme with a foundation year.

Hammburg, Germany

University of Europe for Applied Sciences

A private university, the University of Europe for Applied Sciences (UE) was formed by the merger of three smaller universities. UE has campuses in Berlin, Hamburg, and Iserlohn.

Their degree in software engineering offers the chance to study in Germany near the capital, at UE’s Innovation Hub. The programme has small tuition groups and takes advantage of UE’s links with industry, to help consolidate learning with practical experience. The course is delivered in English, and UE also offers a Foundation Diploma, which includes English tuition and study skills, with the cost refunded as a credit against the fees for the final semester of your Bachelor’s degree.

Berlin University of Applied Sciences

Owned by SRH, a non-profit educational organisation, the Berlin University of Applied Sciences has an international outlook, which has made it a popular option for students coming to study in Germany.

Their Computer Science degree has two options, a three-year fast track, offering a BSc, or a three-and-half-year course with international experience. In the latter course, you will be able to take advantage of the university’s international links to study or take an internship outside Germany. Either way, the course offers a practical approach, teaching skills and project management alongside each other to equip you for a career in IT.

Hannover, Germany

GISMA Business School

Starting life as a joint venture between the German state of Lower Saxony and businesses, GISMA Business School has a strong focus on providing practical education.

As well as offering a Bachelor’s in Computer Science, it also offers a BSc in Data Science, AI, and Digital Business, which brings together computing topics like big data, AI, and analytics, providing a unique blend of computing and business that will leave you ready to kickstart your career, or your business idea, as soon as you graduate.


IU International University of Applied Sciences

IU International University of Applied Sciences is another option with a little more than a Computer Science degree. Their Bachelor’s degree in Business and IT blends technology and business, equipping students with the knowledge they need to succeed at the intersection of the two disciplines. Whether it’s developing IT solutions for business, or taking on a management or leadership role in IT.

And IU has over 30 campuses, meaning that wherever you want to study in Germany, it’s likely that IU will have a campus nearby. Along with their flexible approach and some of the lowest fees you’ll find, it makes IU an enticing option for study.

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