Top Quality Australian Hospitality Management Master's that Vietnamese Students Would Love

With easy access to high-quality universities, better salaries, and affordable living – Australia is quickly becoming an appealing option for students from Vietnam. And with tourism back on the rise, many are looking to get their Master’s degree from a reputable international study programme in hospitality management. 

When compared to the USA, Canada, or the UK – Australia feels more like home for Vietnamese students looking to get their master’s degree thanks to their close(r) proximity and large Vietnamese communities.

There are TONS of international study opportunities for Vietnamese students – you just need to know where to look! Check out Down Under (pun intended) for helpful resources on Hospitality Management programmes and take the next step to jump-start your career as a manager in the tourism industry.

Find Your Hospitality Management Master in Australia

Plus, the Australian government encourages these international study programmes as an effective way to get your education and make a living while you’re at it. Since you’re able to work part-time thanks to the flexible hospitality management programmes, life in Australia becomes a realistic way to move up in the world. Read more here about how you can get your student visa for Australia.

Students always face the issue of living costs when moving to a larger city or to another country, but you have to get into the local mindset on this and set yourself for success. Living expenses in Australia can prove affordable for Vietnamese students. If you don't have the budget, you have plenty of scholarship options or maybe even consider a part-time student job. With as little as $250/week, you can live comfortably in the Melbourne suburbs.

Look For a Scholarship in Australia

And with all-English programmes, there is plenty of support to help you get over the language barrier. So if you’re considering studying abroad to get your Master’s in Hospitality Management – look no further than Australia.

Top International Study Programmes for Hospitality Management

We’ll be going over some of our top 3 international study programmes for Vietnamese students. We chose these programmes by prioritising affordability, quality, and international relations. Let’s take a look!

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Blue Mountains International Hotel Management School

Blue Mountains International Hotel Management School is, without a doubt, one of the best higher education universities in Australia.

The programme is designed directly in response to the needs of corporate organisations, so you can be sure that you’ll be learning practical skills to apply in your career.

The Master’s degree programme is 2 years long and is one of the most affordable international study programmes in Australia. And with campuses in both Sydney and Melbourne, this is one of the best options for Vietnamese students. In fact, 36% of 198272 Vietnamese migrants choose to make Melbourne their home, so you’ll feel right at home at Blue Mountains International! 

And upon completion, you’ll be able to get placed directly in some of the world’s best hotels, making the investment well worth it!

International Hotel and Tourism Management at the University of Queensland

The International Hotel and Tourism Management at the University of Queensland is one of the top tourist destinations in Australia, so it’s no wonder they also have a renowned Tourism and Hotel Management degree programme! And with a 23% international student ratio, you’re sure to feel right at home.

They’re recognised by the United Nations as the only Australian university to promote responsible and sustainable tourism models. This means you can combine your passion for the environment with a practical study programme.

While the University of Queensland is one of the more costly international study programmes, they offer plenty of scholarships and financial aid – making it perfect for Vietnamese or other international students.

While the base tuition is a bit more costly – the amount of financial aid specifically for students from Vietnam help make this prestigious university an attractive option.

International Hotel and Tourism Management at Bond University

If you’re looking for a small university with a hugely successful international programme – then International Hotel and Tourism Management at Bond University is the right choice for you. They frequently rank #1 in terms of student experience quality and are a completely not-for-profit educational institution – with almost half of the students coming from abroad.

This Gold Coast university has key relationships with big names in the hotel world – Marriot, Hilton, Sheraton – giving you the opportunity to undertake an internship while you study. 

You’ll be able to engage in an interactive learning experience that will truly give you a path to success. With an array of preparatory classes to choose from, you can customise the programme to fit your needs.

The quality of the programme and the large international student body mean that Vietnamese students will certainly be glad they chose to study abroad at Bond U!

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