Best Archaeology Schools. University Rankings 2021

You want to learn about human history and prehistory but don’t see yourself staying all-day inside an office? Then it’s no wonder you’re interested in a Bachelor’s or Master’s degree in Archaeology.

It’s a fascinating area of study that allows graduates to combine theory, knowledge, and assumptions with the excavations of artefacts and other physical remains on archaeological sites or digs.

But which are the best Archaeology schools in the world? What do former students have to say about them? Let’s find out!

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Student reviews of the best Archaeology schools in the world

Rankings are useful when it comes to choosing a university for your studies abroad. But they shouldn’t be the only factor influencing your decision.

Student reviews, for example, are a great resource that provides more information about on-campus life, lectures, and the overall atmosphere. Here are a few examples:

The University of Edinburgh – student review

“Studying really pushes a new way of thinking. How to be critical and to analyze while being kind and inclusive is probably my favorite quality this school brings. The world is dog-eat-dog, but the university is uplifting and encourages supporting each other as students.

The lectures are developed beautifully, and the support is above any university in North America. This school is excellent and provides feedback every step of the way to ensure success.”

Harvard University – student review

“Overall experience was good, and in my last year of study, I received a bursary. I also received a certificate of good conduct. What really worked for me was the communication and guidance from my co-supervisor and supervisor. It helped me a lot. What did not work for me was spending less time on my research.”

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University College London (UCL) – student review

“UCL offers a wide range of module options, and I have truly enjoyed the courses I have enrolled. Their practical and fieldwork opportunities are the main highlight of my study experience, where I have been able to gain hands-on experience from the sessions I have participated in.

My institute has also provided good tutoring and mentoring support from both students and lecturers alike, and I’m almost always provided with the information on available support when I need to access them, be it academic, career or wellbeing.”

Sapienza University of Rome – student review

“I was a very good experience of my university life. As a student, I learn many things in my academic life proved to be very hardworking, actively participating in the class and completing my all assignments well in time for submission.

I never hesitated to contribute my informative ideas during lectures, revealing, creative and, original thinking. I’m interested in visiting different places to understand their cultures.”

Leiden University – student review

“It is an amazing experience. Subjects are extremely interesting, and the teachers are well prepared. It is an international environment, and there is a lot of support for students.”

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