Best 1-Year Online Master’s Programmes You Can Study in 2023 -

Best 1-Year Online Master’s Programmes You Can Study in 2023

With so many plans put on hold and limited predictability due to the global pandemic, many international students had to rethink their higher education and career goals.

As we all wait for the situation to get back to normal, a 1-year online Master’s degree might be a great option for graduates looking to specialize for an increasingly competitive job market.

Given the travel restrictions, studying online is an attractive option, while studying for only 1 year can keep options open and flexible for the future.

Is a 1-year Master’s even worth the trouble?

So, can a Master’s degree be completed in one year and still be worth the investment? Many universities and employers say “yes”. In fact, employers don’t really care if you finish your Master’s in 1 or 2 years, but want to know that you graduated and that you have the right skill-set for the job. Many prestigious international universities offer this study option.

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Most students can agree that the time and money saved are worth it. Paying for just one year of studies is definitely an attractive prospect. Especially for students who have to put their job on hold, it’s a great advantage to only have to take a 1-year break from their career track. A 1-year Master’s can also be attractive for students applying for student loans, as the debt they will have to pay after graduation will be considerably smaller.

Postgraduate degrees are also types of degrees that take 1 year to complete, and they might be cheaper than a 1-year Master’s. However, 1-year Masters offer a full diploma and more in-depth studies, compared to a postgraduate degree which is regarded more like half a Master’s degree.

How are 1-year online Masters different from 2-year Masters?

In short, here are how 1-year online Masters are different from regular online Masters:

  • Less expensive – only pay for 1 year of studies
  • Smaller student debt if taking a loan
  • Focused curriculum
  • Less likely to have a blended study option (so not mixing online with on-campus studies)
  • Online 1-year Masters have maximum flexibility, with the ability to study whenever you want
  • Fewer networking opportunities
  • Leaves open the option for a second Master’s degree after graduating the first one

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Universities offering 1-year online programs

Plenty of universities have adapted to student demands of quality graduate studies at an accelerated pace and provide good 1-year online Master’s study options. Here are just a few universities around the world that deliver these types of programmes:

1-year online MBA degrees

1-year MBAs are the accelerated option for a regular MBA. They are a Business study option that excludes the summer employment part typical of regular MBA studies. So, if you’re going to take a 1-year MBA, taking one online might be the best option, as they are generally cheaper than on-campus ones.

But you will have to be super strict and organized with your time, and it’s possible you will find it more challenging to work while studying. MBAs are well-known for how much they demand from their students. It’s either going to be a very intense year for you, or you might have to take a break from your job while focusing on your MBA studies.

Here are a few 1-year MBA programmes we recommend considering for your studies:

Check out more 1-year online MBA degrees.

1-year online Masters in Computer Science

Even though Computer Science is not limited to only programming, these types of studies might be best suited for taking online. Some good examples to consider for studies:

Check out more 1-year online Masters in Computer Science.

1-year online Masters in Education

Online Masters in Education are best suited if you plan to learn how to best teach different student groups using modern digital means. It’s basically theory and practice included in one.

By taking an online Master’s in Education you will get to experience the side of the student and figure out how you can give the best study experience to your future pupils, be they children or adults.

Here are a few 1-year online Masters in Education to consider:

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1-year online Masters in Engineering

1-year Masters in Engineering are great for specializing in a particular branch of Engineering, and may include elements of Management, legal aspects, decision making, and more.

Check out more 1-year online Masters in Engineering.

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1-year online Masters in Health Sciences

While you’ll definitely not be able to become a doctor in 1 year, there are a few health-related studies that can be taken online in 1 year including: Nursing, Remote Medicine, theoretical specializations on different types on illnesses, Nutrition, Toxicology, and more. Examples of degrees include:

Check out more 1-year online Masters in Health Sciences.

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1-year online Masters in Psychology

1-year Masters in Psychology can offer specializations in a broad range of topics from Forensic Psychology, Occupational Psychology, Childhood Studies, Behavioural Psychology and more.

As a professional psychologist, you will continue learning and developing all throughout your career, so a 1-year Master’s can be an effective way to get specialised information and experience in a topic you are interested in. Examples of 1-year Psychology programmes you can study online include:

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