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Meet Aleksandra: 2020 Studyportals Scholarship Winner

by Luna Erica

Meet Aleksandra: a girl from Poland with a dream to bring change and innovation into the food system. After her studies, she hopes to make foods more nutritious and help developing countries with their agricultural technology. For now, she hopes to chase her dreams and study abroad.

“Most people call me Ola,” Aleksandra chuckles in her first interview, “And my story is probably similar to many other people’s – people who come from little towns and become fascinated by this huge world of big cities and universities.”

Aleksandra explains how when she was eighteen, she became enchanted by food after her village went through a local ecological disaster. Many farmers lost their crops, and people stopped taking food for granted. Coincidentally, around the same time, Ola’s personal goals took a turn.

“When I was, like, 17, I imagined that I would stay there in that village forever. I would marry some nice guy – my grandma had a boy prepared for me. I didn’t think about studying at the university at all. It wasn’t a common thing for us to study.”

It was then that she spoke to her Polish grammar and literature teacher. When we asked Ola who inspired her the most in her life, she mentioned her as being one of the most educated women she’d ever met. A feminist and philosopher, Aleksandra’s teacher opens her students’ eyes to humanitarian problems. She fights for women’s rights and for the rights of minorities, and is the reason this bright small-town girl found the study she would be doing after graduation.

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Having completed her Bachelor’s programme in Poland, Aleksandra’s dreams have only grown. Studyportals’ International Distinction Awards will help her take the leap abroad. With this scholarship, she is able to push her own boundaries and inspire people abroad.

With her ambition to end world hunger ever in mind, Aleksandra will be attending the Technical University of Denmark to do a Master’s in Food Technology, chase her dreams, and change the world.

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