Cheap Universities in Canada in 2023

If you’ve decided to study abroad in Canada, you already know that it has top-ranked universities, high quality of life, low crime rates and a welcoming environment for international students.

Still, Canadian universities aren’t exactly cheap. Even if tuition fees are lower than in the USA, costs can vary between:

Public universities and colleges are more affordable than private ones, but you still need to do some research to find courses that meet your budget.

We’ve created two lists with the cheapest universities in Canada, one for undergraduate and one for graduate studies. We’ve limited our budget to approximately 6,700 CAD (Canadian dollars) per year, which is the equivalent of around 5,000 USD.

Keep in mind that universities can add or remove programmes periodically. If a university on these lists no longer offers an affordable degree, simply use the filters on our portals to find other Canadian universities that do.

Cheap Canadian universities offering Bachelor’s degrees

Cheap Canadian universities offering Master’s degrees

Our lists are by no means exhaustive, but they are a great place to start. You can probably find other affordable universities in Canada if you search long enough.

Scholarships for international students in Canada

You can search for scholarships to further reduce the costs of your studies in Canada. Scholarships are part of the ‘gift-aid’ forms of financial support — meaning you don’t have to pay the money back.

The official university website is the first place where students should look for scholarship or grant opportunities. The next step is exploring online resources and databases, such as:

While you’re at it, apply for our Studyportals Scholarship: International Distinction Awards. The process is quick, simple, and you can win up to 10,000 EUR.

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