Best Mechanical Engineering Universities in the World in 2022 -

Best Mechanical Engineering Universities in the World in 2022

Mechanical Engineering is a very broad discipline, opening the door to many jobs that are both well-paid and in demand.

As a future engineer, you can work on any type of mechanical device or system, from refrigerators to biomedical devices, from electric cars to robots, and everything in between.

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The first step on this career path is choosing where you want to study. So, let’s look at the best mechanical engineering schools in the world:

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3. Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering: World University Rankings 2022

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Here are other mechanical engineering schools we recommend:

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Student reviews of the best mechanical engineering schools in the world

Check out the reviews listed below to learn more about top mechanical engineering universities and what you can expect during your study experience. There are similar reviews on many university pages on our portals.

Student reviews of universities on Studyportals' websites

Harvard University

“A great place to be with many brilliant and kind-hearted students and teachers who will push you to be your best self. I was academically challenged, and I grew because of it. It definitely wasn’t a perfect experience, and the school definitely has a lot of room to grow, but I’m grateful for the genuine connections that I was able to make.”

Imperial College London

“I love my time studying at Imperial. Everyone I meet, students or staff, are all incredibly passionate, whether it is about their studies or a cause. Being one of the most international universities in the world (50%+ International students in undergraduate studies), I get to meet people from all backgrounds and see how their passion for science has brought them together.”


“Studying abroad is the best opportunity a student may experience! It allows you to have a broader view of the world. It gets you in touch with any other cultures, and you learn so many things. What I most enjoyed from UCLA was its social life. Campus activities are very common, and students are always involved in them.

I do not see any aspects that could be improved. I have experienced one of my best years in my academic life. It is a new experience, and I have enjoyed all of it.”

>> If you're not sure Mechanical Engineering is the right kind of Engineering for you, read this article on The Best Engineering Schools in the World to get a bit more clarity. 

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