Best Political Science Schools in Europe - University Rankings 2021

Europe is an excellent destination for international students who want to enrol in a Bachelor’s or Master’s degree in Political Science. Universities offer lower tuition fees when compared to those in the US, people are friendly and open to new cultures, and it’s super easy to travel and explore other countries without breaking the bank.

Based on the latest university rankings, these are the best political science schools in Europe:

Best political science schools in Europe – QS Rankings 2021

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Best political science schools in Europe – World University Rankings 2021

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Student reviews of the best political science schools in Europe

We’ve included a few reviews from students who graduated from some of the top academic institutions mentioned above. Reviews are helpful because they reveal more about the environment, student life, and what you can expect from classes and professors. You can find more reviews on each university page on our portals.

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Sciences Po

“Learning in this environment keeps me highly motivated as I aim to work towards my career goals. This environment is helping me gain new experiences, improve my skills and broaden my understanding of the complex world. It is a beautiful adventure that allows me to follow my passions and maximize all opportunities by engaging fully in student life. Cultural adaptation in an international university has not been easy but a constant work in progress.”

London School of Economics and Political Science (LSE)

“LSE provides an intellectually stimulating university experience in the centre of London. It is second to none for the social sciences and is a great place to study and live. The social life could be less than expected of the university, but this is not the place to apply if all you want to do is party. That being said, there is plenty of time for fun too!”

Freie Universität Berlin

“FU Berlin is a well-functioning university where the Professors are very well prepared and always looking to find a new and more interesting way of teaching. It is full of libraries and green spots to study and meet new people. The lectures help you to build more consciousness in discussing important topics with both the professor and the other students.”

University of Amsterdam

“I am so grateful to have been able to attend the University of Amsterdam. My program has been a massive largest learning curve but has pushed me to develop the skills and knowledge that will make me an excellent candidate for a PhD program and academic positions in the future.”

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