Best Universities for Political Science in the US in 2021

The number of political conflicts and tensions in the world reveals that we haven’t yet mastered politics and international relations.

While new theories and practices are developed and tested, it is up to people like you to actually go for a Bachelor’s or Master’s in Political Science and use your knowledge to make a difference, at either national or international level.

If you want to study in the USA, these are the best political science schools, according to the latest university rankings:

1. Best political science schools in the US – QS Rankings 2021

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2. Best political science schools in the US – World University Rankings 2021

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3. Best political science schools in the US – Niche Rankings 2020

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Student reviews of the best political science schools in the US

In addition to the info from prestigious rankings, we want to share with you a few student reviews of these top political science colleges. They are written by either former or current students and are a great way to learn more about these academic institutions. You can find student reviews on each university page on our portals.

Student reviews of universities on Studyportals' websites

Harvard University

“A great place to be with many brilliant and kind-hearted students and teachers who will push you to be your best self. I was academically challenged, and I grew because of it. It definitely wasn’t a perfect experience, and the school definitely has a lot of room to grow, but I’m grateful for the genuine connections that I was able to make.”

University of California, Berkeley (UCB)

“UC Berkeley was an amazing academic experience. I was challenged by the faculty and students. The students were diverse. The rankings are consistently high. The professors were accessible. I feel like they want for you to succeed.”

Columbia University

“My study year in New York was arguably the best year of my life. Even though it was a very intense year from an academic point of view, it was extremely enriching from a personal and professional perspective. I formed many wonderful and deep friendships, improved my English language skills as well as my intercultural understanding.”

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