Best International Relations Schools in the USA - University Rankings 2021

America is the land of the free, home of the brave, and a top destination for anyone interested in a Bachelor’s or Master’s degree in International Relations (IR). But just how good are IR universities and colleges in the US?

  • Over 40 schools are listed in the International Relations QS Ranking 
  • Over 140 schools are included in the International Relations Ranking by Times Higher Education

In this article, we’ll only focus on the top 10 from each list. We’ve also included a bonus section with student reviews, which will hopefully help you choose the right university. Let’s dive right in!

Best international relations schools in the US - 2021 QS Rankings by TopUniversities

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Best international relations schools in the US - 2021 World University Rankings by THE

See other top universities that made it into the ranking on the Times Higher Education website.

Student reviews of the best international relations schools in the USA

International university rankings can be very helpful in the process of choosing a university abroad. But, to be honest, nothing compares with reviews from students who already graduated at the school where you want to go.

Below, we’ve listed a few examples of insights from alumni who studied at some of the top international relations universities in the US. You can check out reviews for other universities by checking their individual page on our portals.

Student reviews of universities on Studyportals' websites

Columbia University

“My study year in New York was arguably the best year of my life. Even though it was a very intense year from an academic point of view, it was extremely enriching from a personal and professional perspective. I formed many wonderful and deep friendships, improved my English language skills as well as my intercultural understanding.”

University of California, San Diego (UCSD)

“I had a good 4 years (plus a quarter) at UCSD. The professors, if chosen wisely, are amazing and passionate about helping students. There is a lot of support on campus and many cool things to do.”

Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT)

“Being at MIT is like "drinking through a firehose," as the saying goes. This applies not only to academics, but to social interactions and networking events and so much more. Coming to MIT is likely the best and most important decision I ever made, and I am eternally grateful for all this place has done for me.”

Does any of these top international relations schools match all your criteria? What’s the no. 1 reason why you want to study abroad in the US? Share this article and let us know!

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