Best International Relations Schools in Europe - University Rankings 2021

Studying International Relations (IR) in Europe is a great choice. When compared to institutions from the US, European universities and colleges offer more affordable (or even free) tuition fees but maintain high academic standards and welcome students from all over the world.

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However, not all universities and colleges are the same. Some offer better facilities; others have lower tuition fees or more experienced professors. If you want to study at the best international relations schools in Europe, let’s look at the rankings created by TopUniversities and Times Higher Education:

1. Best international relations schools in Europe – TopUniversities Rankings 2021

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2. Best international relations schools in Europe – Times Higher Education Rankings 2021

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Here are other European international relations schools we recommend:

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Student reviews of the best international relations schools in Europe

If you’re not yet sure which university to choose, perhaps hearing what other students have to say can help you. Here are several reviews from alumni who graduated from some of the best international relations schools in Europe:

Free University of Berlin

“FU Berlin is a well-functioning university where the professors are very well prepared and always looking to find a new and more interesting way of teaching. It is full of libraries and green spots to study and meet new people. The lectures help you to build more consciousness in discussing important topics with both the professor and other students.”

SOAS University of London

“I really enjoyed studying with people from all over the world coming from different educational backgrounds. The course is challenging but interesting, and the atmosphere at the uni is very relaxed and open-minded.”

Find International Relations Masters in Europe

Leiden University

“I was always very interested in other cultures, in global affairs, in intercultural contact and in learning from each other. As an international college, Leiden University gave me the opportunity to academically learn about politics, sustainability and other subjects that provide challenges today as well as socially learn from the diversity of cultures and identities that meet at this college.”

University of Manchester

“My experience at UoM has been simply amazing. Coming from a humble background in the suburbs of Florence, Italy, Manchester has been a great place where to start my climb up the ladder. It is a city which is fast developing, and you can witness and feel it everywhere you go.

The University staff is always there to make your experience worthy of the tuition fees you pay and will always be ready to listen to your concerns and suggestions on the programme you study. The resources you have access to are overwhelming at times, and you will be literally spoilt for choice on how to invest your free time and energy.

Always bear in mind that you are studying at a world-leading academic centre, with all the benefits such a label carries with it. You will often come across world-renowned scholars, policy-makers both from Westminster and other European countries, and representatives from the private sector.”

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