Best Universities and Colleges for Environmental Science in Europe in 2021

If you’re interested in a Bachelor’s or Master’s degree in Environmental Science, European universities and colleges are a great option. They offer affordable (or even free) tuition fees while maintaining high academic standards and creating an environment in which international students can thrive.

But which university should you choose? Based on the rankings created by Times Higher Education, TopUniversities, Shanghai University, and U.S. News, these are the best environmental science schools in Europe:

1. Best environmental science schools in Europe – Times Higher Education Subject Rankings 2021

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2. Best environmental science schools in Europe – TopUniversities QS Rankings by Subject 2021

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Female environmental scientist taking a water sample

3. Best environmental science schools in Europe – Shanghai Rankings by Subject 2020

Discover other universities that made it on the list on the Shanghai Rankings website.

4. Best environmental science schools in Europe – U.S. News Rankings 2021

  • Wageningen University & Research, Netherlands
  • ETH Zurich, Switzerland
  • University of Oxford, UK
  • Imperial College London, UK
  • University of Copenhagen, Denmark
  • Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences, Sweden
  • University of Cambridge, UK
  • University of Exeter, UK
  • Stockholm University, Sweden
  • Utrecht University, Netherlands

Explore the complete ranking on the U.S. News webpage.

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Student reviews of the best environmental science schools in Europe

To get a better idea of what’s it like to study at the academic institutions listed above, here are several reviews from students who took courses at some of the best European environmental science schools:

Technical University of Denmark

“Such a great experience to study in this country and especially in this university. They provide you all the needed material and software, there is a good student environment, teachers are very close and helpful and you learn a lot due to their system: to work on projects and assignments that most of the times are developed in groups. Definitively a good choice!”

Stockholm University

“The location of the campus is the best among the other departments at Stockholm University. There are plenty of projects and activities a student can join, and the diversity of students is a good indicator of how popular and recognized the university is internationally.”

Delft University of Technology (TU Delft)

“Great international atmosphere. A lot of EU students. Great campus in the small village Delft. Close to Rotterdam and den Haag for the evening, if needed. High academic level (you have to work and study quite hard). Overall, an excellent experience.”

Technical University of Munich

“Education here is top quality in terms of teaching and research. You have the opportunity to advance your technical, intercultural and just about any competence (including entrepreneurship). There are opportunities to meet with industry leads and get to pitch yourself for a great opportunity. The possibilities are limitless here.”

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