Best Environmental Science Schools in the World in 2021

There are over 1,600 Bachelors and 1,100 Masters in Environmental Science on our portals. But why is this discipline so popular? Because the development of our society, industries, and economy have had a high negative impact on the natural environment.

As the need to find innovative solutions has become more and more urgent, universities and colleges worldwide have increased the number of Environmental Science degrees.

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But not all study programmes and universities are the same. This is why Times Higher Education, TopUniversities, Shanghai University, and U.S. News release their world university rankings every year. Based on their data, these are the best universities and schools for Environmental Science studies in the world:

1. Best environmental science schools – Times Higher Education Subject Rankings 2021

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2. Best environmental science schools – QS Rankings by Subject 2021

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Environmental Science students looking at a sample outdoors

3. Best environmental science schools – Shanghai Rankings by Subject 2020

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4. Best environmental science schools – U.S. News Rankings 2021

You can find other top environmental science schools on the U.S. News webpage.

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Student reviews of the best environmental science schools

If rankings aren’t enough, you can also check out what other students have to say about a university or college. They often offer useful insights into what’s it like to study there and what you can expect from the academic and social environments.

University of Wisconsin, Madison

“UW-Madison is a great school to study virtually anything you want. They offer so many classes with great professors and students who are truly interested in what they are learning. It is a great environment for professional and personal development.”

University of Queensland

“The University of Queensland offers a university experience like no other. As a world-leading university, students are able to invaluably interact with renowned academics, engage with compelling course material and all the while enjoying the rewarding quality of life offered by the beautiful grounds of the university in sunny Queensland. UQ paves the way for student success in their education, careers and lives more broadly.”

Wageningen University & Research

“Wageningen University is a very good university. They offer high flexibility to design your study programme, so you can choose almost any course you are interested on. Besides, there are many associations and extra activities organised by the university (entrepreneurship, languages, parties, conferences, discussions, dance, study associations, etc.) so that you can do what you like most in your free time.

In addition, the city of Wageningen is a very nice and cosy place to live. Living in such a small but student city helps a lot to make new friends, meet people and have many activities going on (provided you get your ‘group of friends’ to hang out with). Very recommendable experience.”

National University of Singapore (NUS)

“Excellent study experience. The school has all the facilities and excellent environment which is conducive for studying. Resources are also readily available via the libraries as well as via online resources. Teaching staff are well knowledgeable and competent in their roles. Also, extremely helpful. Overall, the culture is positive and right for a school.”

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