Tuition Fees and Student Living Costs for Hong Kong in 2020

Hong Kong, or the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region (Hong Kong SAR, for friends), is a key player on the market of international higher education. As part of China, Hong Kong has a rich history and cultural heritage, as well as great opportunities for students who wish to get out of their comfort zone and discover these amazing islands and peninsula. 

To study in this amazing international hub, you'll first need to find out if you can afford it. We'll help you decide if you want to study abroad in Hong Kong by presenting tuition fees, student costs and some scholarship opportunities.

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What Master’s degrees to study in Hong Kong

The 2 official languages of Hong Kong are Chinese and English. Yup! English is an official language, which means that day to day life, as well as school hours, will be a breeze.

But if you are still unsure where to start searching for a Master’s degree in Hong Kong, know that the most popular disciplines here are:

And, to narrow it down even further, some great universities where you should consider studying include:

Now, let’s look at costs, shall we?

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Tuition fees in Hong Kong

Tuitions fees in Hong Kong tend to be a bit steep, but they are worth it!

Usually, they range between 9,700 and 28,700 EUR/year. Keep in mind that they don’t cover other expenses, like books, accommodation on campus, etc.

These prices tend to be on the expensive side of the scale for most students, but, luckily, they can be covered by a lot of scholarships, and can be compensated by cheap living costs.

Student scholarships in Hong Kong

The Hong Kong Polytechnic University published a few articles about the journeys of international students in getting their tuition fees covered, with the help of national scholarships. We will showcase the important parts here, but, if you wish to read more, feel free to visit their website and thank the students who wrote into detail about their experiences.

If you wish to get a scholarship to study in Hong Kong, and you come from these specific countries, be sure to check out these very helpful scholarships:

  • In Chile, there is the CONICYT scholarship (National Commission for Scientific and Technological Research), which covers your tuition fee, as well as other expenses, like plane tickets for relatives;
  • In Indonesia, the LPDP scholarship (Lembaga Pengelola Dana Pendidikan) is the most comprehensive and important grant you should check out;
  • In Denmark, higher education is free. And, because they took into consideration the students who wish to study abroad, the government formed the ‘Udlandsstipendium’, among others, to help Danish citizens.

Student living costs in Hong Kong

Anders Gammelgård-Larsen, a Danish international student, currently studying in Hong Kong, explained how much he spent on various things, in order to study abroad. From vaccines, to books and accommodation, he covered all aspects of student life.

They are as follows:

  • Travel insurance: 480 EUR (for 10 months)
  • Vaccines: 285 EUR
  • Studying materials: around 100 EUR/month
  • Accommodation costs: 700 EUR/month

But, if you wish a more detailed view of the costs in Hong Kong, know that prices in the market, according to Numbeo, are usually:

  • A meal at a normal restaurant: 8 EUR
  • A cup of coffee: 4 EUR
  • A monthly bus pass: 50 EUR
  • A movie ticket: 12 EUR

So, now that you know what awaits your wallet in Hong Kong, why not take the chance of studying here, and partake in the famous custom of eating noodles on your birthday, for a long and blessed life? 

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