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10 Reasons Why You Should Study in Europe in 2023

by Nadine Radazad

Ah, Europe! A continent so often mistook for a country. But you, you are smarter than that. We know. Whether you come from America, Asia, Africa or Australia, if you want to study a Master’s abroad, European countries should definitely be on your destination list.

And here are 10 good reasons why we think you can only (yeah, we love Europe) make the most of a graduate programme if you pursue it in Europe.

1. Sound smart around your friends and family

Next time someone asks you who was Napoleon you will surely know the answer after studying a year or two in France. Be that one person who always has a story to tell about the time they took a lecture on surrealism in Sorbonne. Your parents will love it and your friends will hate it.

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Higher education institutes in Europe offer world-class education with high-quality Master’s programmes in basically any field. So why not take advantage of the opportunity to study abroad and gloat in the one of a kind experience the continent has to offer.

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2. Brag about the exquisite food

Europe is home to some of the most amazing chefs in the world. From affordable cosy bistros to overpriced Michelin-starred restaurants, you are well-served when it comes to food in Europe.

If you’re daring, Europe's wide range of dishes will allow you to go for snails in France or try the famous Sheppard’s pie in England.

3. Be artsy

If you’re into arts and culture, then you will definitely love this continent. If you choose to study in Italy, you’ll get the chance to see Florence, the city that gave birth to the Renaissance. If you choose to do a Master’s in Law at Cambridge, you will enjoy one of England’s loveliest medieval cities with its gardens and riverbanks.

A year or two in Paris will probably give you just enough time to see where all the famous painters and artists lived and why they were absolutely in love with this city that oozes creativity and elegance.

4. Get your lifetime dose of clubbing

Some of the world’s biggest and coolest bars and clubs are on the other side of the water. Regardless of your musical taste, there is a bar or club around the corner that offers an amazing selection of wine and cocktails and has music for every ear. 

Visit Bucharest to get your dose of nightlife in one compact street filled with food, alcohol, music and friendly faces or stroll down Lisbon’s pink street and pick a random bar to sip on some gin and tonic. You can be sure to find both international and local faces blending in together.

5. It's a traveller's dream

If you’re considering Europe for travelling, well you’ve made the perfect choice. You can visit multiple countries and explore their unique cultures and traditions in 6 months’ worth of stay.

If you’re on a 2 to 3-year programme then you definitely have the time to go backpacking through Europe (because who hasn’t dreamed of doing that).

6. You can study in English

If you’re worried you won’t be able to keep up with courses because they’re in a different language, don’t be. Higher education institutions offer many study programmes in English with affordable tuition fees. 

Although English makes your study experience easier, it is recommended to try and learn the local language. Knowing different languages is always a plus, and it’s the gateway to a better understanding of different cultures.

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7. Meet new peeps!

Look for friends to expand your mind and understanding of the world. Exchanging with international students over a pint of lager or a cup of coffee is always a good way to keep learning even off campus and it makes your international experience much better. 

8. Great public transportation

In Europe, it is very easy to travel. You can basically walk from one country to another depending on where you’re headed to.

For example, if you choose to study at the University of Strasbourg, you can easily walk to Germany's Kehl and back in less than an hour! Not a big fan of walking? Hop on the tram, metro or bus for a very small price.

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9. Or bike your way to a healthier lifestyle 

You can rent a bike in almost every city in Europe to go to classes with it or to hit the farmer’s market for Sunday shopping.

There are many options for renting either by the hour or per year. Buying a bike is totally worth it but be careful of thefts as they are quite common in cities like Amsterdam or Paris.

10. Simply because it will change your life

The academic experience you get in Europe is much more different than the United States. Universities in Europe have a broad selection of Master’s degrees that you can choose from.

You can also choose to join a programme such as Erasmus to get the full international exchange experience. Simply put, living in Europe for a year or two can do nothing but improve your career path and your view of the world. So why not expand your horizon?

If you don’t know where to start, here are some European universities we highly recommend:

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