Should I Study in Canada If I Plan to Work after Graduating? – Canadian Work Permit

When deciding on which is the perfect country you want to study your Master’s degree in, you always have to take into consideration how you want your life to be, once you arrive there: do you want to only party? Do you want to focus on your studies? Do you want to work?

Well, if you want to opt for the last option, then we’re here to help with information!

Check out the laws and the application process for a post-study work permit in Canada, and find out if this is the country your future-self will study in!

Masters in Canada

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Basic information about the post-study work permit in Canada

Everybody needs a work permit in Canada. That’s it! If you’re Canadian, yes, you are exempt, but, other than that, you will need to apply for it.

The name of the post-study work permit you should search for is PGWP (Post-Graduation Work Permit), and you can apply for it while you’re still in Canada.

Still, you should know that this work permit will have a duration of 3 years, if you have completed a degree of 2 years, or longer, and if your degree is from an accredited university.

How to apply for a post-study work permit in Canada

After you graduate, you will have 3 months for applying, while your study permit will still be available.

Then, you will need to prepare a few documents and to pay a fee, which are:

  • The filled forms IMM 5710, IMM 5476, and IMM 5475 
  • Copies of your passport pages, travel and identity documents, and your current immigration document 
  • Proof you paid the work permit fee, which will be 255 CAD (because it will also include the holder fee) 
  • Proof that you graduated 

After submitting all these documents, either online or by post, the waiting period will be 90 days, so be patient, and all good things will come to you.

But the thing is: even while waiting for your work permit, you don’t need to stay around the house, worrying; you can still work full-time until the final decision is taken. You will simply have to have graduated, applied before your study visa expired, and be allowed to work off campus.

Work laws in Canada

After you receive your work permit, there are still some requirements you need to meet, like working 40 hours/week, with a minimum wage between 1.600 and 2.400 CAD/month, depending on the region and the job you will have

But, again, you have to get a confirmation from the university that you can work off campus, so take care when searching for the perfect job.

Now that you know all this, go wild and apply for a degree in Canada, and start your life in this amazing country, full of nice people, maple syrup, and moose! 

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