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8 Great Apps that Will Help You Write Your Master’s Application in 2023

by Daniela Dandes

Long gone are the days when you would whip out a pen and some pieces of paper to write your motivation letter for your programme application. Nowadays, you can tap into the world wide web and find an app for almost any step of the application process.

The best part is that most of these apps are online and free, which means that if you need a little extra help with your Master's degree application, then you will surely find a tool to aid your pain.

We have created a list with the best apps out there, that promise to make your application process a little bit easier. Check out the top 9 apps that will help you draft flawless applications for your studies abroad:

1. Evernote

There is a reason why Evernote is so popular with people like Adam Savage from Mythbusters or entrepreneur Tim Ferriss. It’s because this note-taking app goes beyond just allowing you to keep your thoughts in one place. You can use the tool to draft your application answers, tag your content so you can easily retrace it, highlight important passages and more. 

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Save files, add images, and even collaborate and share your documents with others (even those who don’t have an Evernote account). The app is free, with an option to upgrade, depending on your needs. But it is an amazing tool to use, especially in your early application phase, when you are gathering information and putting together your application material.

You can use the Evernote Webclipper extension to save important information or resources for your Master’s degree application. This feature is a simple add-on, that works with Chrome, Firefox, Opera, Safari, and becomes part of IE when you install Evernote for Windows.

You can clip articles, emails, entire web pages and send them over to your Evernote account. This way, you’ll make sure to have all your valuable application resources in one single place.

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2. Pocket

Pocket is an amazing tool especially for when you are researching information for your university application. With just one click, you can quickly save articles, web pages and videos that are relevant to your Master’s application.

Pocket works on your mobile devices, so you have easy access to everything you’ve saved anywhere. The app also works perfectly when coupled with Evernote. You can now save your articles and pages via Pocket directly to your Evernote account. 

Start using the tag option next time when you want to save something to Pocket. This feature simplifies your search, by narrowing it down and finding what you are looking for based on the assigned tag.

3. Grammarly

The biggest faux-pas that you can make in your Master’s application is to send in documents that have spelling or grammatical errors. Especially when planning to study abroad, that type of mistake can disqualify you as a professional in front of the admissions’ board. An impeccable motivation letter is the first step in owning the admissions process for your chosen study.

Here is where Grammarly can help. Aside from standard typo fixes and grammar indications, the app also suggests style changes, based on audience type and the specific emotion that you aim to trigger.

In case you’re a fan of writing your application materials using Microsoft Word, you can add Grammarly to your documents. The added benefit of Grammarly with the Microsoft suite is that you get suggestions that go beyond the basic grammar check. Style and composition rank as key factors in a distinguished application submission. With Grammarly, you have the opportunity to have these elements checked too.

4. Google Docs

Let’s start with the fact that it’s free. Then, continue with the fact that it’s a great collaborative set of tools. And end with the idea that it’s one of the most used software on the planet. Especially when you’re writing your motivation letter or essay, drafting your thoughts via Google Docs helps streamline your process. 

You can write, edit, and have others feedback your piece with just a couple of clicks, on desktop, tablet and mobile. The flexibility of the app is what recommends it the most, especially for people that are on the move.

Pro tip: There are so many things worth mentioning when it comes to Google Docs. You can start out with these 25 useful tips and see magic happen. 

5. Dropbox

If you need something saved or ready to be shared, then Dropbox is your go-to app. Dropbox works across any device, online or offline and lets you store files, regardless of their size (which makes it convenient for the more bulky Master’s applications).

Just like Google Docs, you can also collaborate with others in your folder or on specific documents. Dropbox currently has 500 million users worldwide and hosts more than 1.2 billion files on its platform.

You can enjoy Dropbox together with other favourite apps, such as Slack, the whole Microsoft suite, Google Docs, Adobe, and more. Head over to the Dropbox integration page and see how powerful this tool can be for your Master’s application.

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6. Todoist

Todoist is what gets productivity fans out of bed in the morning. That is because this tool is designed to smartly keep track of every tiny task and deadline that you register. The task management application works on almost all platforms.

Todoist will help you prioritise all your application related tasks and see where your progress is hanging. At the same time, the app’s friendly design and quirky messages will give you an extra boost of motivation to get more done.

Create a traffic-light system when it comes to colour-coding your to-do list. This will help you prioritise accordingly. The traffic-light system allows you to be more productive in the right areas, by taking massive action towards your Master’s application goals.

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7. Google Calendar

Set up your Google Calendar and get reminders about important deadlines and appointments concerning your study application. This tool makes your life easier, by helping you structure your application schedule more rigorously and visualise your timeline.

Keep track of multiple Master’s applications by adding some colour to your calendar. This way, you can have a full overview on your status regarding the tasks, documents and meetings that are relevant for your application process.

Google Calendar can even send reminders directly to your phone. How’s that for a lifesaver!

8. Headspace

University applications are known to be the source for some stressful times in a student’s life. Applying to your dream study programme can be scary because there is so much uncertainty along the way. Add the work needed for a stellar application and you’ve got a lot of potential stress.

To keep your head cool and clear, you can pick up meditation. And one of the best tool out there that can help you start a meditation routine is Headspace. The practice has proven results in helping people sleep better, stress less and focus more. Those are exactly the ingredients you need to think clearly and submit your best Master’s application.

Headspace even offers a special student package, dedicated to those who want to improve their focus through mindfulness. We recommend you start with the Focus pack, that aims at increasing your concentration capacity, productivity and inner-peace (all of which you need during the application period).

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