How Popular Was Australia for International Students? Data Findings from 2017

Great quality of life, education and economic freedom are some of the main reasons why Australia consistently ranks as a great study abroad destination. Your reasons to study in Australia could also be the kangaroos, the koalas and the 10,000 beaches, but we’re not here to judge.

We’re here to explore together some key facts about Australia as a study destination, using data from our portals and from OECD, data which will convince you too to apply to Master’s in Australia.

In the next lines, we’ll show you which are the most popular disciplines and universities in Australia, but also the countries of origin of most international students interested to study here. Let the data speak!

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Disciplines international students are interested to study in Australia

Some of you considering a Master’s abroad probably want to study something that is related to your Bachelor’s studies. Others might have decided to change careers or try something new that will give you some extra skills. If you are looking for inspiration about what you could study in Australia, you can use our data.

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Most prospective students who have visited our portal in 2017 have checked the next 10 study options:

Most popular Australian universities for international students

Australian universities often rank in international higher education tops, becoming more visible to prospective international students.

Picking a university is probably a harder choice than picking a country and a discipline. This is because what we want to do in life and where to do it are decisions with a long-term impact. However, in a university you will only spend 3 to 5 years (unless you want to become a teacher). Naturally, you’ll think about the long-term stuff first.

But sooner or later you need to make a decision about which university to attend. That’s why we believe that sharing data about which are the most wishlisted universities by students on our portal can serve as a great source of inspiration. As a bonus, we also added how these universities rank in international education tops in 2018.

  1. CQUniversity Australia (ranked 501 by THE)
  2. University of Southern Queensland (ranked 601 by THE)
  3. University of New South Wales (ranked 45 by QS)             
  4. Queensland University of Technology (ranked 201 by THE)
  5. University of Newcastle (ranked 224 by QS)
  6. Charles Darwin University (ranked 301 by THE)
  7. University of New England (ranked 686 by U.S. News)
  8. Southern Cross University (ranked 401 by THE)
  9. University of Adelaide (ranked 101 by ARW)
  10. University of Queensland (ranked 45 by QS)

Australian universities you can apply to right now

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Where do students interested in Master’s in Australia come from

When planning to study in Australia, an aspect that can influence your decision and prepare you for living in Australia, is knowing what other people want to be part of the international student community In Australia.

The 2017 traffic on our portals shows which students from which countries were considering  Australia as their study destination:

  • Interested students from India – 25.816
  • Interested students from Nigeria – 5.593
  • Interested students from Pakistan – 3.872
  • Interested students from the United States – 3.442
  • Interested students from Nepal – 2.926
  • Interested students from the United Kingdom – 1.893
  • Interested students from Indonesia – 1.463 
  • Interested students from Ghana – 1.377 
  • Interested students from Brazil – 1.291
  • Interested students from Bangladesh – 1.205

Where do students doing Master’s in Australia come from

But what matters more than those who want, is those who achieve. That's way we checked our data to see where students who actually enrolled at Australian universities come from. We discovered that the most popular countries of origin for enrolled students in Canada are: 

  • India: 270 lucky students
  • Nepal: 111 lucky students
  • Pakistan: 83 lucky students
  • Sri Lanka: 39 lucky students
  • United States: 37 lucky students
  • Iran: 35 lucky students
  • Nigeria: 34 lucky students
  • Bangladesh: 34 lucky students
  • United Kingdom: 31 lucky students
  • Malaysia: 30 lucky students
  • Indonesia: 28 lucky students

And here are the top universities where these international students enrolled: 

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International students that invest the most in studying in Australia

The international student market in Australia was estimated at over 3,1 billion EUR in 2017, according to OECD. What’s with this huge figure? It reflects how much money international students in Australia bring to higher education in the country.

The top three countries of origin of students who invest most in their education in Australia are:

  • China
  • India
  • Indonesia

Other top countries of origin include Korea, Canada, New Zeeland and United States. What this tells us is that students from these countries are more motivated to study in Australia.

Data and facts can be amazing but studying abroad is not only about following trends and statistics. It is about figuring out which country, university and programme you think are more likely to lead to a great educational and life experience, with long term benefits. Get inspired to chose Australia by this data but remember to do some soul searching as well before your final decision!

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