The Stress-Free Way of Getting Great Accommodation as an International Student

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The application process to a study programme abroad is both stressful and exciting, but nothing compares to the thrill of actually being accepted to an international university. Now is the time to start thinking about how you will make your life abroad more comfortable.

And one of the first challenges you should address is finding suitable accommodation during your studies. In fact, this is so important that it can make or break your experience. Student reviews show that accommodation can make for 15% of a negative student experience.

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Most often, students complain about chaotic accommodation systems, overbooked rooms, unsafe living areas, paper work, long commutes, or difficulty in recovering rent deposits.

In theory, universities can help you find accommodation, but the increasing number of students has turned this into a challenge as well. So, what are your accommodation options during your studies and how can you find them?

Types of student accommodation abroad

1. Student dorms provided by the university

You can apply for accommodation from the university. Dormitories and student residences are available at many universities in Europe. You may apply for accommodation at the same time you submit your study application or after you have received your admission confirmation. 

Advantages of living in a student residence usually include easy access to the campus grounds, the company of many international students and lower prices. The risk is that places are limited, and you might not get one. Also, living conditions are not always the best.

2. Private accommodation

Many students consider private accommodation. Even in this instance, you can request assistance from the university staff to find apartments and fellow students interested in sharing rent. It is always a good idea to search for information on social network pages and student groups where you can find rent offers and other people looking for a place to stay.

Additionally, now there are specialised online platforms designed to give you student accommodation options, such as Uniplaces (psss, you can get 25% off with this discount code: studyportalsuni).

3. Living with a host

Because private accommodation can be expensive, sometimes students chose living with a host. This means you rent a room in a house or a flat of a host. While this is a cheap option, you don’t know how you will get along with the host. Plus, you won’t have a lot of intimacy.

4. Hostels and other temporary accommodation

Students resort to hostels when they arrive in their new country before having found accommodation. Hostels and similar accommodation can be very cheap for a short period, but costly in the long run. So, you can use this option while looking for a more stable place to stay.

Study at a university abroad What to consider when looking for student accommodation

As a prospective international student, you know that finding the right place to live will have a huge impact on your overall education experience. The room you will live in should be your home away from home – a place where you rest, study, make lifelong friends and build unforgettable memories. 

To make this happen, you should consider factors like:

  • Monthly costs
  • Distance from university grounds
  • Room size and facilities in working condition
  • Neighbourhood security
  • Fair apartment owners
  • Proximity to city and entertainment venues

The easy way to find student accommodation

Uniplaces and Studyportals help you pick the right place to stay with minimum effort and without worries of future complications. Uniplaces enables you to compare and contrast various accommodation options in 39 cities in 8 countries across Europe. Among the cities listed on Uniplaces are Lisbon, Porto, Barcelona, Madrid, Valencia, Rome, Bologna, Florence, and Milan.

Not only that, they include the following services:

  • Top quality apartments
  • Easy ways to see how rooms look
  • Up to date listings
  • Simple booking process
  • Secure payment
  • Discounts to students

The great news is that you can book accommodation with Uniplaces at a 25% discount on your service fee, by using our promocode: studyportalsuni 

Since launching in 2013, the focus of Uniplaces has been to help students find quality accommodation with little effort through trusted landlords across Europe. Collaborating with Studyportals this takes the students' experience to the next level!

And remember! Whatever you choose, make sure you settle your accommodation arrangements before coming to study abroad, to avoid complications and start your studies carefree.

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