Study Abroad in St. Petersburg: English-taught Degrees to Get Excited About in 2023

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Known as a great touristic destination, St. Petersburg is not only attractive for tourists, but also for international students coming from all over the world.

Official statistics reveal that over 20,000 international students are pursuing their degree in the city that bridges Europe and Russia. And no wonder, as here you can apply to the Russian university with the most English-taught degrees, HSE University in St. Petersburg.

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What you can study at HSE University in St. Petersburg

National Research University – Higher School of Economics (HSE) in St. Petersburg campus includes three schools where you can enrol:

  • St. Petersburg School of Economics and Management
  • St. Petersburg School of Social Sciences and Humanities
  • Faculty of Law

These schools offer English-taught programmes, both at Bachelor’s and Master’s levels that appeal to international students who make up 9% of the university’s over 5,000 students.

study in St. Petersburg

Here are some examples of what you can study in English at HSE University in St. Petersburg:

Why study at HSE University in St. Petersburg campus

National Research University – Higher School of Economics (HSE) in St. Petersburg is a young and dynamic academic campus offering plenty reasons to choose it as your study abroad destination.

Here’s why you should get excited when studying at HSE University in St. Petersburg:

  • You’ll learn in a unique educational system meeting internationally recognized standards.
  • All the programmes use the ECTS credit system, recognized by all universities in the EU.
  • The university has a Major-Minor system allowing you to choose from over 100 English-taught minor courses in addition to major studies.
  • Your supervisors will be open to help you in doing research.
  • You’ll have the chance to enroll in international exchange programmes all over the world.
  • You’ll spend 20% of your studies doing internships in the university’s scientific units and research centers and partner companies.
  • You’ll study at one of the top 3 economic universities in Russia, which also ranks in the top 10% best economic institutions world-wide.
  • You’ll have an opportunity to get a Double Degree  while studying the particular programmes.
HSE University St. Petersburg

And that’s s only the start. Practical aspects of student life are equally appealing and are sure to make your experience a smooth and interesting ride:

  • You can benefit from scholarships covering tuition fees and a flexible discount system up to 70% of an annual tuition fee.
  • The campuses are equipped with computer classes with 24/7 access to the university learning management system, and with MOOCs are embedded into curriculum.
  • You’ll attend Russian language courses to help you feel comfortable and confident in the new city.
  • You’ll enjoy student discounts: most of the museums, public transport authorities offer students tickets and cards at a discounted rate.
  • The university will give you suggestions on brand-new dorms and well-equipped campus buildings, with dorm accommodation fees at about 1,000 rubles (€15) per month in a dormitory with recent official status “Best student dorm in Russia”.
  • You’ll have the chance to meet students from over 50 countries.
  • HSE University in St. Petersburg offers you diverse extracurricular activities. You can join the Debating club, apply to the Student Scientific Society, participate in stand up, dance or voice performance activities! 
  • You will get a buddy from Buddy Club student organization to help you adapt to your new life in St. Petersburg (such as arriving, using the underground, opening a bank account etc.).

Learn Russian during a summer school or throughout the school year

If you don’t speak Russian and enrol at an English-taught programme you can take a Russian language course tailored to help you adapt to living in St. Petersburg.

HSE University in St. Petersburg also gives you the option to take a popular Russian language and culture intensive course during the summer or a deeper Russian studies semester, which is now available during spring and autumn terms.

On top of that, you can opt for St. Petersburg HSE Summer School and get 2 weeks of Russian studies as well. This could be an initial step into the new environment giving you insights into what HSE University St. Petersburg is about.

Experience Saint Petersburg in the summer: enjoy studying during the day and see the white nights

If you want to get a grasp of what living and studying in Russia is, come to HSE Saint Petersburg Summer School. This could be an initial step into the new environment giving you insights into what HSE University St. Petersburg is about.

HSE Saint Petersburg Summer School has more than 15 different modules in fields of Social and Political Sciences, Cultural and Creative Industries, Business Analytics, Economics and Business, Russian Studies, Data Analysis and History. You can combine various courses together and create your interdisciplinary study plan. Summer School courses are taught by an international team of lecturers from Russia, Spain, USA, Brazil and other countries.

Is there anything to do after lectures? Free cultural programme, including a boat tour with welcome dinner, trip to Peterhof, walking city tour, as well as social activities organized by local students from HSE.

Summer school is a unique experience, a perfect balance between studying and adventure, and a place where lifelong international friendships are born.

study in St. Petersburg

5 reasons why studying in the city of St. Petersburg is an unforgettable experience

St. Petersburg is the ideal mix between European and Russian culture, characterized by an innovative spirit that knows how to embrace the new without neglecting its historical and cultural heritage.  Some very appealing reasons to consider St. Petersburg as your study destination include:

1. You are always going to find something to do inside and outside the city – more than 300 museums, world-famous theatres, parks and gardens, and present-day entertaining activities will make your student experience amazing. Outside the city you can check stunning must-see places in the nearest suburbs, such as Peterhof, Strelna, and Tsarskoe Selo.

2. You can easily explore other European countries – the location of St. Petersburg and transport availability enable you to organise fast trips to other European countries.

3. City for professional enhancement and networking – St. Petersburg is a great place to follow your aspirations in studying, research or business. There are about ten dozens of universities, above 350 scientific organizations, a bunch of IT-companies, creative industry institutions, and a well-developed innovation ecosystem for supporting young entrepreneurs and startups.

4. It’s easy to get around – The city itself is well arranged in terms of transport accessibility offering varied transport opportunities for everyday commuting.

5. Affordable student living costs – Your student living costs will be very affordable compared with European cities (transportation, renting and other expenses). 

Get the most out of your international experience

Going abroad for your studies is a unique and outstanding opportunity not only to gain new knowledge but also to understand how to feel confident in the new environment and how to efficiently communicate. It broadens your mind and outlook and gives you a chance to make new friends.

Whether you take a short course, a Bachelor's or a Master's  at HSE University in St. Petersburg make sure to enjoy everything you can from what Russia and St. Petersburg have to offer!

There’s already a chatter in St. Petersburg: You’re going to have a great time!

To learn more stay tuned on calendar of upcoming events that hosted by HSE University in St. Petersburg!

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