Top 10 Master’s Degrees Students Can Study Abroad in 2023 -

Top 10 Master’s Degrees Students Can Study Abroad in 2023

Because we know how important it is to be happy with your Master's studies abroad, Studyportals has done the hard work and we are ready to give you some insight into what degrees students intend to study abroad. 

Using data magic, we have compiled a ‘well-seasoned dish’ with the most popular study options international students would love to study at universities and colleges abroad. Here’s the list of the top 10 most popular Master's degrees people study abroad:

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1. Masters in Management & Leadership

It seems like competitiveness and leadership are still key values for international students as the number 1 most wishlisted discipline is Management, Organisation & Leadership. Programmes in this subject area will prepare you to find that competitive edge any business needs to achieve its goals.

Popular international destinations for this degree include:

2. Masters in Computer Sciences

Well, isn’t this a surprise? Well… not really. In this day and age, everything is digital, viral, or otherwise uninteresting. As a result, most international students are aware that a degree in Computer Science opens the door to any industry. Some of the countries that have the most Masters in Computer Science you could consider for your study abroad adventure are:  

3. Masters in Business Administration (MBAs)

Ah, MBA degrees! The holy grail of any business-oriented student who wants to thrive in today’s economy. Third most popular study area, Business Administration is the type of degree that will give you the skills to oversee a company’s performance and take the big decisions when it comes to business strategies. Consider going for an MBA degree in countries like:

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4. Masters in International Relations

One word says it all. Globalisation. We live in an interconnected world and our future depends on how we manage our relations with foreign companies, foreign countries and international organizations.

International students pick Masters in International Relations because they offer a broad view on how political systems interact and their impact on society and politics. Plus, International Relations degrees prepare them for prestigious careers in government, diplomacy and the non-governmental sector. If you want to be a political superhero, keep an eye on study programmes in the following countries:

5. Masters in Economics

Masters in Economics are all about understanding how societies become prosperous and why. This discipline is one of international students’ favourites because it offers multiple career paths, from business to research, public administration and even teaching. Where should you apply to an Economics degree abroad? Check your options in popular student destinations like:

6. Masters in Psychology

The human mind is probably the greatest puzzle yet to be solved. Ranking 6th among international students, this discipline attracts them because it offers the chance to be part of a developing science and to help others in the process. Go-to countries for a degrees in Psychology are:

7. Masters in International Business

Back to business. It seems like subjects from the grand field of Business remain the most popular for international students. Number 7 on our list, International Business is a sought-after degree because more and more companies are going global.

Understanding how to make a company an international success or improve the company’s relations with foreign business partners is always an asset in today’s economy. Become a professional in this field with degrees in countries like:

8. Masters in Biology

Biology degrees remain popular among international students. There are still millions of species to be discovered and countless cures and medicines that can be created with the help of Biology. Most English-taught Master’s in Biology are available in countries like:

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9. Masters in Engineering & Technology

International students on Studyportals are also very interested in Engineering degrees. As with Computer Science, Engineering is a defining, essential industry in our world. It prepares you to make sure all the machines and devices society relies on everyday run smoothly and improve. Apply to an Engineering & Technology in popular destinations like:

10. Masters in Health Sciences

Saving and improving people's lives is always a great choice. Number 10 among the most popular study disciplines on Studyportals, Health Sciences degrees give you the tools to do lab research, investigate diseases or find new treatments, but also to be there for patients in clinical care. 

Consider applying to a degree in Health Sciences abroad in:

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