10 Popular European Universities in 2019

Universities are like fashion. Some are in trend and some are not. And as you know trends change from time to time. For instance, our data shows that most international students search for universities in Germany, the UK and Nordic countries, when it comes to Masters in Europe.

If you too are looking to apply to university in Europe, but you’re not quite sure which university to pick and how the whole Master’s admission process works, Studyportals is here to give you some guidance. 

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Next, we will reveal the most-searched universities on Studyportals so far this year. Then we will give you a few guidelines about how to apply to a Master's at a European university. 

10 most searched universities in European countries

Germany, Netherlands and UK are some of the most popular countries when it comes to university search on Studyportals, followed by Nordic countries. To inspire you in your choice of European university to apply to, we have gathered some data on which are the universities that are most searched by students, in ten different European countries.

1. Ludwig-Maximilians-Universität (LMU) Munich, in Germany

LMU Munich is Germany’s first university in higher education tops like Times Higher Education and Shanghai Ranking, so it’s no surprise that it is the number one most searched German university. Add  that in Germany higher education at public universities is free of cost, and you can understand why the offer is all the more attractive. From Neuroscience and Psychology to Business Administration and Engineering, this university has something for any ambitious student worldwide.

Check out more details about studying in Germany.

2. University of Birmingham in England, UK

The University of Birmingham offers almost 300 Masters in almost every discipline you might be interested in, from Social Sciences and Humanities to Engineering and Business, attracting the interests of numerous international students. Part of it is because this university is in the first 100 worldwide, part of it is because UK employers recruit a lot of graduates from here.

And, an even bigger part is because you can apply to any Master's degree the University of Birmingham offers through Studyportals, without having to worry about deadlines and complicated application processes.

Check out more details about studying in the United Kingdom.

3. Erasmus University Rotterdam, in the Netherlands           

Students from over 100 countries chose to apply and were accepted to study at the Erasmus University Rotterdam, so it’s no wonder so many international students are searching this university and want to apply to a degree here. The most popular subject areas with most English-taught degrees are Social Sciences and Business and Management.

Check out more details about studying in the Netherlands.

4. University of Bergen, in Norway

If your dream study programme involves doing research surrounded by leading scientists than you should consider applying to the University of Bergen where you can pick from over 50 English-taught Masters. You can apply to University of Bergen online via their platform Søknadsweb.

Check out more details about studying in Norway.

5. University of Helsinki, in Finland

From Natural and Environmental Sciences to Social Sciences, the Master programmes at the University of Helsinki are attracting many students. Why is the University of Helsinki one of the most searched educational institutions? The answer is simple: great research, great facilities, and numerous English programmes.

Check out more details about studying in Finland.

trending European universities

6. KU Leuven, in Belgium

Studying in the heart of Europe is a dream many international students have because of the numerous travel, academic and job -related opportunities. KU Leuven is a top-searched university in Belgium because it is the first Belgian university featured in international tops and promises a stimulating multicultural environment.

Check out more details about studying in Belgium.

7. Uppsala University, in Sweden

If your study interests are in Business, Environmental Studies and Natural Sciences then you should definitely join the many others like you how are interested in what Uppsala University has to offer. The focus on up-to-date knowledge, critical thinking and creative research are big bonuses when looking to apply to Master’s.

Check out more details about studying in Sweden.

8. University of Edinburgh, in Scotland

A top-searched university in Scotland, the University of Edinburgh attracts interest through the wide variety of Master’s programmes that touch almost any subject area from Medicine to Humanities and Business. Plus, it is featured in top 30 universities worldwide so getting a degree from here it’s like winning the jackpot.

Each Master’s programme at the University of Edinburgh has its own deadline so be sure to check it on the programme page. Students are encouraged to apply at least a few months before the programmes start (which is usually in September).

9. ETH Zurich, in Switzerland

Students from 80 countries choose to study at Swiss Federal Institute of Technology which is ranked in top 10 universities worldwide. If there’s anything about tech you want to become an expert in, then ETH Zurich is the university to give you those skills.Tuition fees start at about 1,000 EUR/year.

Check out more details about studying in Switzerland.

10. University of Bologna, in Italy

From Masters in Fashion Culture and Management to  Masters in Aerospace Engineering the study offer at the University of Bologna is more than generous and attracts many international students. Not to mention that tuition fees are very affordable compared to Western Europe, starting at 2,000 EUR/year.

Check out more details about studying in Italy.

trending European universities

Master’s degree application procedure at the most searched universities

Since each of the above-mentioned top-searched universities in Europe is from a different country, you probably expect that the application procedure varies according to country, university and programme. Well, you are half-right.

While you should always check the exact application procedure with your chosen university in Europe, there are many application requirements that most universities have in common. Here they are.

General admission documents

Each university sets its own required documents but, generally, most of the following will be included:

  • Certified copy of previously completed degree diploma (Bachelors)
  • Other relevant qualifications
  • Translated transcript of records
  • Passport photo
  • Copy of your passport
  • Proof of language proficiency (in the language your chosen degree is taught)
  • Motivation letter
  • CV
  • Application fee

In some cases part of the requirements can be:

  • Passing an entrance exam
  • Submitting an academic paper (article, essay, etc.)
  • Recommendations letters from professors or employers

Your application should be submitted online

All of the top 10 most searched universities require you to submit your application online. However, while at some universities you can apply through the university website, in some countries (Netherlands, Finland, Germany, United Kingdom) you can apply through national centralized systems. This is pretty great because most of the times you can apply to about 3-6 Master programmes at the same time.

Remember to check the application deadlines and submit your documents in time. Typically, you will get your letter of acceptance in about two months. Yay!

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If you are from outside the EU you'll need a student visa

When you apply to a European university and you are from outside the EU/EEA chances are that you will most likely need a student visa which you should apply to after you have been accepted to your chosen university. Here’s some student visa information you might find in handy:

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