How to Apply to an International University in Estonia in 2020

In the grand scheme of the EU, you might overlook Estonia and not be blamed by anyone.

But don’t be fooled by the fact that some wouldn’t be able to find Estonia on a map! Based on all the student experiences we collected, Estonia is one of the most popular (and beautiful) international study destination in the EU.

So, how did Estonia become such an important player in the market of international education? How do you apply to a Master’s degree in Estonia? And where is Estonia on the map, anyway?

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Quick overview of why students prefer to study in Estonia

Estonia is an e-country. No, it doesn’t mean it only exists on the internet and a troll just dreamed its existence; instead, it made paper obsolete and made everything online, so you could apply and work on well put-together platforms.

That’s why is a really great website for international students wanting to study in English in Estonia. Collaborating with Estonian universities, the website offers easy access to all the Bachelor’s, Master’s, and PhDs in the country. You just make an account, select your country of origin and the programme you wish to study, and read the details of your application there.

Knowing how easy is to apply to a Master’s degree in Estonia, let’s look at the exact requirements you need to meet to be accepted at a university there.

Where to study a Master’s in Estonia

Although Estonia isn’t such a big country, it is full of universities and Master’s degrees you should definitively know about and apply to.

For instance, some of the most popular universities international students pick in Estonia are:

And, because you may not want to pick the university before you pick the subject you want to study, you should know that some popular disciplines in Estonia are:

Required documents for a Master's in Estonia

After you pick the university and discipline, there’s not much more to do than to access the university’s website and start collecting documents.

If you want to be qualified to study a Master’s degree in Estonia, then you should be qualified to study a Master’s degree in your home country. That’s why you need these starting documents:

  • Proof you graduated a Bachelor’s degree
  • A filled application form for the programme you wish to study
  • A passport-sized photo
  • A copy of your passport

That’s the starting point, at least.

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Of course, because you will be studying in English, you will need to present a proficiency certificate, passed with a minimum grade, like:

  • IELTS, passed with a minimum of 5.5, but definitively the higher, the better
  • TOEFL, passed with a minimum of 70, but definitively the higher, the better

Still, be careful with the university you pick. Some of them might require you to take an English test devised by themselves. Also, each university is allowed to set and pick what certificate it wants, as well as the minimum grade, so you always have to research beforehand, as to not have unpleasant surprises along the way.

And, because you can’t just register with a Bachelor’s and an English certificate, the other documents required will depend entirely on the programme and university. Some other examples of additional entrance tests can be:

Tuition fees and costs in Estonia

Man, talk about how nothing is constant in Estonia…

Tuition fees can vary depending on so many variables, that pinpointing at least certain sums can be an impossible feat. But, lucky for you, we are awesome, so we can at least give you a range of fees. For instance:

  • General disciplines tuition fees: 1.660 EUR – 7.500 EUR/year
  • Medicine: around 11.000 EUR/year

It’s good to note that the most expensive fields in Estonia are:

But that are just some general rules, because the sum you will have to pay will depend on:

  • If you’re an EU or non-EU student
  • If the university you’re applying to has tuition-free programmes or tuition fee waivers
  • If you apply and catch a scholarship

If the word ‘scholarship’ caught your attention, then this is the perfect point to tell you exactly what you should search for:

  • Estonian national scholarship programme for international students, researchers and academic staff. This scholarship is for all international students coming to study a Master’s degree in Estonia, and the deadline for 2017 was between 1st of April and 1st of May, so be careful to keep an eye for it this year, also!
  • Study IT in Estonia programme. This scholarship is, as the name suggests, for Master’s students that are studying IT. You can apply after you enrol in the partner universities that offer this scholarship, and you can start applying for it at the beginning of October or February.
  • University Scholarships. Now, this is a cool one: each university in Estonia has its own scholarship program, which you should definitively check out, as they range in duration, deadline, sums, and more.

You can also check out the Studyportals Scholarship to get some help on financing your studies abroad.

Still, even if you don’t apply for a scholarship, you shouldn’t worry about living costs that much. To live in Tallinn, Estonia’s capital, for instance, a student may need around 600 to 900 EUR/month, all depending on how wild or careful you live, of course.

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Application deadlines in Estonia

As always, even deadlines vary, depending on the university, programme, and if you’re an EU or non-EU student. But, as much as we can gather, the deadlines are as follows:

For non-EU students:

  • Tallinn University: 1st of April
  • University of Tartu: 15th of March
  • Tallinn University of Technology: 10th of April

For EU students:

  • Tallinn University: 1st of July
  • University of Tartu: 15th of March
  • Tallinn University of Technology: 1st of May

What else you should know about going to Estonia

After all is said and done, and you get accepted, you won’t have long to rejoice and throw parties, because you have to get started on the other documents, which are the student visa and the work permit; that is, if you fall in love with Estonia and decide you can’t live anywhere else.

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Still, let’s take things easy and with baby steps, and just wish you good luck, for now, with your Master’s application in Estonia, and hope you will have the time of your life, just like other international students, like:

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