5 Reasons Why China is Quickly Becoming the Most Popular Destination for Master's Degrees Abroad

What can we say about China that you don’t already know? It’s the most populated country in the world, with charming and captivating citizens. It’s, also, one of the leading political and cultural forces, that helped shape our world, and it has one of the most beautiful histories in the world, with people more concentrated on learning and inventing, than conquering.

Because China wasn’t satisfied with only these accomplishments, now it’s one of the most popular destinations for international students around the world. All international students going to China can’t wait to absorb and immerse themselves in the amazing Chinese culture and the robust higher education system.

But what makes China so attractive to students from all over the world? Well, let’s consider a few things and try to find an answer together.

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1. China leads in innovations in all major fields

The expression “not for all the tea in China” is cute, but so factually inaccurate it almost hurts. Not only isn’t tea the most exported good in China, it isn’t even in the top 10.

That’s because, as technology evolved, China knew how to keep up with the times and knew where to invest and how much.

From major breakthroughs in Medicine, and Engineering and Technology, to mass production of textiles, plastic articles, and furniture, slowly, China became as indispensable for our modern lives as air and food are.

And, if anyone would be capable of manufacturing air, that would probably be China.

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2. High-ranked Chinese universities and great Master’s degrees

China has 43 ranked universities. 43!

Not only that, but they even went as far as making their own ranking system, a little thing called the Shanghai Ranking system, or the Academic Ranking of World Universities (ARWU).

Still, because we want to be fair here, we will present shortly what Chinese universities were ranked highest in the Times Higher Education World University Rankings:

With such names on your CV, you can be sure that employers will think twice about your performance, and know exactly how dedicated you are to your field of choice.

3. Great student life

China seems tailor-made for students: with low tuition and living costs, easy university and visa application processes, as well as extra-curricular distractions, like the best concerts, movie premiers, and, dare we say it, exciting nightlife.

Still, as a short recap, you should know that living costs in China are:

  • In Beijing, between 850 and 1,000 EUR/month, seeing as it is the most expensive city in China
  • In Shanghai and Shenzhen, between 650 and 1,100 EUR/month

Some of the universities students speak highly of include:

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4. Orientated towards international students

This is mostly based on assumptions, but hear us out: China made plans to reach 500.000 international students by 2020, seeing how a few years ago they surpassed the goal of 380.000.

Seeing as they wish to accomplish that vision for the future, is there any wonder they are trying their best to make international students feel welcome and to offer them the best conditions, in order to convince them that this is the place to be?

And we can tell you about the agreements signed between the U.K. and China, and how China modelled its political and social-economical system, that, in case of an economical disaster, schools and universities wouldn’t be affected, but this would be driving the conversation away from the point.

To return to what we wanted to cover, we can to tell you that, based on our data, the most popular Master’s degree in China are in fields such as:

5. Big country, impressive culture, amazing people

It may seem redundant to mention again, but China is amazing, no matter where you’re coming from: European students will be amazed by the cultural differences and the overall mentality shift, with calm and genuinely nice people (I’m from Europe, so I’m allowed to make this joke), and Asian students will get to know how learning in one of the biggest cities in the region is.

Apart from genuine Chinese food, you will get to see the Terracotta Army, the Forbidden City, the Great Wall, and all the places Mulan had to see before they made a man out of her.

Final thoughts on studying a Master’s degree in China

So, after all these points, do you think it’s still worth studying in another country? My answer would be “not for all the electrical machinery in China.”

Still, whatever you decide, we can only wish you good luck, and, most importantly, have fun!

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