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Want to Be a Rocket Scientist? Study a Bachelor's in Aerospace Engineering in 2023

You might have heard of a couple of guys by the names of Elon Musk, Neil Armstrong, and Howard Hughes, some of the richest and most quoted people who ever lived. Yeah, those guys!

Well, they are just some of the alumni of Bachelors in Aerospace Engineering, one of the most coveted and awesome branches of Engineering. But what is it, exactly?

We’re here with these answers, so let’s go wild with information and details.

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Best universities for a Bachelor’s degree in Aerospace Engineering

Before going into depth on this subject, you should know that Aerospace Engineering only works best when applied, so you should always consider going to a university with prestige, where studying is taken serious and the labs are adequately equipped.

For instance, some of the best degrees you will find in Europe are:

Now, moving on to the fun parts.

What you will study during a Bachelor’s in Aerospace Engineering

How in love with Maths, Chemistry, Physics, and Computer Sciences are you? If your first instinct was to growl and think back to that awful teacher that tormented you in high school, maybe this isn’t the best degree to pursue.

Don’t get us wrong, maybe you’re the best engineer out there, but if you can’t stand those subjects, you won’t have any chance building a cool rocket.

If we get to consider the core courses you will have to take, they may seem almost torturous, if you’re not a Math-person. The courses are:

  • Statics
  • Dynamics of aerospace systems
  • Aerodynamics
  • Flight software systems
  • Vibration and elasticity
  • Aircraft propulsion and power
  • Space navigation and guidance
  • Space systems design

Why Aerospace Engineering is a cool nerd’s degree

You probably heard that one of the tests NASA gives to its freshmen is called “Spot the mistakes in Armageddon”, the movie directed and developed by Michael Bay.

Sure, it is reported that the most mistakes found by a single person were 168 (one of which was probably: Steven Tyler really wants to miss a thing), but how can they spot all of these without a degree in Aerospace Engineering, and without knowing how physics and rockets actually work?

Although you won’t be one of the pilots, seeing as that’s a separate training altogether, you will be in charge of understanding how to build the spacecrafts, why, Thor forbid, they disintegrate, and how to prevent said disintegration in the future.

And that’s a lot of responsibility, that will put you on a pretty high pedestal.

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Countries where you can study Aerospace Engineering

Although the university is an important factor, you can’t ignore the country you will choose for your Bachelor’s in Aerospace Engineering. Think of it this way: which country has the best chances of needing an aerospace engineer in the future?

With that question, I’ve put into perspective your whole career path.

But not to worry, we’re here with some amazing study options you should definitively consider. These are:

Aerospace Engineering careers and salaries

We’ll be honest, here: when you study a Bachelor in Aerospace Engineering, you will enter a very competitive, exciting, and exclusive ring. Don’t get us wrong, you will be amazingly paid, as we will show below, but you will have to work hard to stand out in a field mostly filled with geniuses.

Ok, now let’s get to the fun part, after this swift downer, and tell you about the salaries. Usually, on average, each job will pay you:

  • As an Aerospace Engineer, around 65,100 EUR/year
  • As a Project Engineer in Aviation or Aerospace, around 64,000 EUR/year
  • As a Mechanical Engineer in Aviation or Aerospace, around 61,200 EUR/year
  • As a Product Engineer in Aviation or Aerospace, around 59,300 EUR/year

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It might seem intimidating, at first, when you look over the subjects you will be studying and how vast and unapproachable the field itself may seem, but that’s just because you’re reading about it.

Once you start and understand what the basics are, and get to collaborate with people who made history, you will see how cool and innovative a Bachelor’s degree in Aerospace Engineering really is, and how awesome your future will look, working in it.

>> If you're not sure Aerospace Engineering is the right kind of Engineering for you, read this article on  The Best Engineering Schools in the World to get a bit more clarity. 

As always, good luck, whatever you decide, and never forget to have fun!

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