6 Reasons to Start Your Business Career with a BBA Degree

Ever dreamed of becoming an important part of the managing team in a firm or corporation, but didn’t want to wait until you got an MBA? Well, a Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA) is the best way to start.

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But what are the most important aspects of a BBA? What will you study? How much money will you earn? What is the best country for studying a Bachelor's degree in Business Administration? Well, we’re here to help and answer (some) of those questions.

1. BBA degrees are offered by top universities 

BBAs are some of the most sought-after degrees, being offered by some of the best universities in the world. Some of the international universities that offer BBAs taught in English are:

Seeing how a BBA is the perfect pathway to an MBA, there’s no wonder students instantly opt for it, as it prepares them for the real world of Business Administration earlier than other degrees.

2. Business Administration Bachelors are available in a lot of countries

Bachelors in Business Administration are those rare degrees that can be taught and studied the same way in any country, seeing how corporations tend to open branches all over the world.  

Our recommendation is that you check out countries that focus on administration and that want to evolve on the market. That’s why we suggest you investigate countries like:

3. BBA degrees are very diverse and versatile

In video game terms, a BBA would be ranked a level 5 - a challenging, extreme, brutal, lunatic boss of a degree (ok, I’ll stop with these encouraging adjectives, but you get my drift). BBAs are usually the most comprehensive management degrees, and the ones that offer the most information and ways of applying it.

Still, BBAs have many iterations, that can focus on different aspects, if you wish to study Business Administration’s many facades.

That’s why some forms of BBAs are:

4. A BBA gives you easier access to an MBA

An MBA, or Master’s in Business Administration, is one of the most known abbreviations for a Master’s degree. Seeing how popular MBAs are and how many people apply annually, you should definitively take into account the boost a BBA can have for your career and how it raises your chances of getting into an MBA.

Don’t get me wrong: you can apply and get admitted to an MBA programme even without a BBA, but you will need a Bachelor’s degree, even if it’s from a non-Business-related field.

And, since you already need an undergraduate degree, and your heart is set on following an MBA, setting the fundamentals with a BBA is the right decision you can take for your career.

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5. As a BBA graduate, you can access  great jobs and salaries

Companies always search for fresh meat they can model for their business profile, so the earlier they bring you on board, the better for both of you.

Also, the cool part is that BBA graduates can pick from a wide range of careers, each paid above the market’s average income.

Some of the jobs you can find in Germany, one of the most popular destinations for BBA graduates, are:

  • Financial Analyst, with an average salary of 48.100 EUR/year
  • Human Resource Manager, with an average salary of 44.900 EUR/year
  • Accountant, with an average salary of 39.500 EUR/year
  • Operations Manager, with an average salary of 53.800 EUR/year
  • Financial Controller, with an average salary of 53.900 EUR/year

But to keep things realistic, with a BBA degree you can expect a starting graduate salary of about 38,000 EUR/ year in most developed countries. But once you gain more experience … the sky is the limit!

6. Business Administration degrees cover a lot of cool subjects

Of course, being a Bachelor’s, the subjects will take you from scratch, building slowly on a theoretical foundation, and prepare you to get into an internship during your college years.

As it’s normal, the degree offers you an overview of all the subjects related to Business Administration, so it would be easier for you to pick which one is your favourite, or simply understand how the huge machine of a company works.

The core disciplines you will cover as a BBA student are:

  • Accounting
  • Human Resource Management
  • Organisational Behaviour
  • Strategic Management

Considering all these aspects and doing a bit of soul-searching beforehand, you might find that a Bachelor’s in Business Administration is the perfect fit for you and your future.

Whatever you decide, we wish you good luck and never forget to have fun and enjoy the field you’re going into, no matter what!

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