Top 7 Global Companies of 2020 Every Graduate Dreams of Working for

Let’s be honest, everyone wants to work for a famous, big company, including you. And it’s not just the idea that you work for a well-known brand and you can brag about it at a party or during any social activity. Today, students and graduates are more interested in actually believing in the cause, mission and values the company supports.

Believe in yourself and don’t suppose you don’t stand a shot at working for Google, Tesla Motors or Netflix.

In fact, you can follow a degree in software engineering and robotics and help future Google projects that include robot armies.

Study automotive or environmental engineering and join Elon Musk’s mission to build a better and cleaner future and build the next generation of electric cars at Tesla.

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Get a degree in media management and take the online streaming TV scheme of Netflix to a new level.

So let’s see some of the most popular companies of 2018, and what can you study if you plan to work for a certain company at some point.

1. Google+Alphabet – keep on revolutionising search engines

The name “Google” simply stands for itself, no need for introductions.

Google and Alphabet – the new division of the big company, are still in the lead of top companies everyone wants to work for. Whether it’s their legendary laid-back office culture, the guaranteed career development or just the idea that you work for one of the most notorious companies on the planet, Google continues to attract talented employees and will probably continue to do so for a long time.

As a fun fact, Google is currently developing control robots and self-driving cars among other impressive projects.

With 25 offices in the U.S, 6 in Latin America, 20 in Europe, 18 in Asia, and 5 in Africa and the Middle East, you can find work opportunities at Google, specifically, if you specialise in the following subjects:

2. Amazon – extend the success of online retail

Everyone knows that Amazon is encompassing about 1,000 online stores in just one, delivering products to people worldwide. Recently, Amazon delivered its first package with a drone. Talk about surprising your clients! But did you know Amazon has its own movie studio, and they’ve won three Oscars too? Remember “Manchester by the Sea”?

Among other job postings, Amazon is always looking for customer service experts for their offices in Australia, India, Japan, Mexico and many European countries. The fun part is that Amazon allows its employees to bring their dogs to work and also offers them several development courses to enhance their skills.

If you manage to stay long enough in the company and become an associate, Amazon will offer you 5,000 USD to quit. What’s that? Well, they’ll pray you’ll say no, but they just want to make sure their employees are happy with their job and will support you if you want to pursue a different career.

Enticing enough? Well, here are some study fields that can help you grab a job at Amazon:

3. Facebook – bringing social media to a new level

Face it, love it or hate it, you’re addicted to Facebook! Zuckerberg’s business empire has today over 1,5 billion users. At its foundation in 2006, the mission of Facebook was simply for people worldwide to stay connected or find their friends and family. Today, CEO Mark Zuckerberg invites Facebook users to embark on his new mission to build a global solid community, for active support and social engagement. He means united against acts of terror, racism and social cohesion in general.

working on facebook.jpg

So if you want to work for a social cause and a social media giant at the same time, Facebook offers opportunities for university graduates and plenty of internships as well in its over 20 locations around the world, in the U.S., Europe, New Zealand, Latin America, and Asia.

4. Uber – embrace smart city transport solutions

Uber has been receiving thousands of applications for their job postings. Uber's success recipe is a result of excellent customer orientation, user-friendly services, and a sprinkle of social corporate responsibility. All these translate into an easy-to-use app, the fact that drivers don’t know their customer’s destination until they pick them up and match people heading in the same place, and turn multiple rides into one. Plus an important policy: cars can’t be more than 10 years old.

You can brag that you work for one of the most ingenious companies: Uber – the hippest transportation business that owns no vehicles.

You can end up working at Uber if you study in fields like:

5. Tesla Motors – designing the cars of the future

The Tesla Motors brand represents more than electric cars. The company incorporates part of Elon Musk’s businesses, including SolarCity – the “world’s only integrated sustainable energy company.” Basically, people who buy electric cars are probably interested in making their homes more energy efficient as well, while they’re also saving the planet. So why not add power walls and solar panels to their shopping cart?

Interested in working for a better future? Consider these study opportunities:

6. Starbucks – turning your morning coffees into an experience

Starbucks is probably the most famous coffee brand that has managed to enter the coffee shop market around the world. If you like coffee, you probably have tasted a Starbucks coffee at least once and the truth is this coffee shop can satisfy anyone: you can select from over 40 different kinds of Frappuccinos, and bartenders can create over 87,000 possible drink combinations.

A job at Starbucks is a good and fun career start, but you can definitely climb the ladder and advance to customer service or sales positions. Or why not even develop a new and unique coffee drink or business service?

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Starbucks would do just about anything to satisfy customers; for instance, they created a smartphone app where you can pay your order, and earn star rewards that will get you free drinks and food or free refills.

Check these study options that can help you grow the Starbucks business:

7. Netflix – engage in the serious business of online streaming

Netflix is an online television network, providing TV shows, movies, documentaries and feature films to online subscribers in over 190 countries. The simple idea that you can watch a movie via your Xbox, PlayStation, Apple TV or iPad, and get the chance to see American movies (even if you’re not based in the U.S.) proved to be golden for Netflix. The company instantly became a brand in the entertainment business.

netflix booth.jpg

Apart from free Netflix, as an employee, you can have as many days off as you wish; you’ll probably still have to come to the job from time to time, but that’s an awesome perk!

How can you help Netflix grow? Have a look at these study options:

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