Where to Study the Most Popular Master's Degree Subjects of 2020?

Master’s degrees are made to drive your education forward, for you to become the best in your field. But what are the best Master's degree subjects to study in 2020? Disciplines, as well as any other thing in life, can go out of fashion. For instance, today there’s a far lower demand for miners compared to the 1960’s, while employers are looking for a lot more pilots and nuclear physicists.

Our data, however, has revealed the top disciplines that aren’t only still relevant, but are more popular than ever:

1. Where to study a Master's in Law 

Law is a very demanding subject, its kinks depending solely on the country you wish to practice. If you wish to be a lawyer in the United Kingdom, you can only follow courses in the U.K., and so on. However, Law has changed its scope, covering not only specific countries, but the agreements and treaties between them. That’s how subdisciplines like International Law and European Law came into existence.

The top destination for students searching for a Master’s degree in Law are:

Some of the universities that can offer you a good Law education are:

Also, you shouldn’t neglect the possibility of studying an online Master’s degree in Law. Some of the best are at:

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2. Where to study a Master's in Engineering

Engineering is a versatile field, whether you wish to work in a factory, to work with chemicals or to help build a sustainable future. Seeing how it will never run out of style to build and help develop countries and cities, it is natural that so many Master’s degrees in Engineering have appeared over the years.

The most popular destinations for students in this field are:

Some of the best universities and Engineering schools out there are:

Also, don’t forget to check out online Master’s degrees in Engineering & Technology, like those at:

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3. Where to study a Master's in Computer Science

Ever since 1946, when the first computer was finished, people have dedicated time and effort to make it even smarter and faster. Since then, interest in IT has never dropped, being one of the most popular careers students opt for.

The most sought-after countries for a Master’s degree in Computer Science & IT are:

In these countries, some notable universities are:

Some of the most reliable online courses in Computer Science & IT are:

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4. Where to study an MBA degree

Master’s degrees in Business Administration, also called MBAs, rose in popularity so much that they developed their own acronyms. The core structure any MBA programme focuses on is a harmonious complementarity of the analytical, the functional and the ethical sides of administrating a business.

The best countries in which you can get your MBA are:

The universities that are worth a mention here are:

Also, some of the highest ranked online universities with MBAs are:

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5. Where to study a Master's in Medicine

A Master’s degree in Medicine is not easy: even though the rewards make up for the sleepless nights and the flexibility of the degree offers you the luxury of travelling all over the world without losing your knowledge in translation, it is, still, one of the most arduous subject out there.

Yet, students flock to Medicine universities, the best countries for a degree in this field are:

Some of the universities that provide a Medicine degree are:

Also, you can study an online Master’s degree in Medicine & Health. Here are a few online universities:

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6. Where to study a Master's in International Relations

A Master’s degree in International Relations is as relevant as ever, in a constantly developing world. Having a person specialised in understanding and researching different cultures and mentalities could prove vital for keeping peace and diplomatic relations between countries. And, judging on how many important figures studied this particular field, its popularity comes as no surprise!

The best countries for a Master’s degree in International Relations are:

Some of the universities that offer Master’s degrees in International Relations are:

Also, for a distance learning degree in International Relations, you can check these online universities:

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Whatever you choose to study, never forget to choose something you love and enjoy doing, money not being the definitive factor, just a benefit.

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