Top 6 Countries Where Americans Studied Abroad in 2018

Making the decision of leaving your country for a Master's degree is one of the most difficult you will make. It can be hard to leave your home and family, but sometimes birds have to leave the nest at some point, especially if it’s a choice that will help you develop and grow as a person.

Because it can be tough to stay for so long away from home it might be a good idea to go to a country where you're sure you can find other people from your country. So, if you're considering going to study a Master's outside of the U.S. or have already decided to do so but don't know where, we have just the thing for you! We'll tell you which are the top countries where American students go to study abroad. 

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So let's explore each of the top 6 destinations American students love and let's find out why you love them so much, shall we?

1. Affordable tuition fees in Germany are irresistible

American media has covered several students who moved to Germany, and the most common answer it gets as to why they decided to move is “the cost”.

Germany, as well as some EU countries, is well-known for its low tuition fees and living costs, making it a very sought-after haven for students. As a result, over 13,000 students from America who used our Studyportals platforms seriously considered studying at a university or college from Germany. 

Some of the most popular degrees Americans look for in Germany include:

Also, it is good to know that Germany has a lot of highly-ranked universities, based on Times Higher Education World University Rankings. Some of these are:

2. You'll go gaga over the student life in the Netherlands

If Germany is a perfect place to study the more theoretical-based subjects, Netherlands is more famous and less drastic about student life. Americans who study here are more in touch with the country, bicycling over the canals and studying in idyllic campuses.

There’s no wonder pupils flock to the Netherlands, seeing how it gained a reputation of the “Partying capital of Europe”, with its lax rules and way of living. Around 8,000 students using our platforms in 2017 found the Netherlands attractive and really considered applying.

The most attractive subjects in the Netherlands are:

The Netherlands also hosts a great number of highly-ranked universities, such as:

3. Class diversity at UK universities is nothing to scoff at

Although you could be tempted to go and study in the United Kingdom for the language they speak, don’t be fooled. The high percentage of international students and the diversity of cultures that settled in the United Kingdom will almost guarantee you will be exposed to a new and exciting academical environment. Almost 18,000 American students using our portals considered studying in the UK in 2017.

The most popular disciplines in the United Kingdom are:

Some of the best-ranked universities in the United Kingdom include:

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4. Italy is simply a gorgeous place to study in 

What can we say about Italy that you don’t already know and love? The food, the history, the UNESCO World Heritage Sites, their plumbers, oh my!

There are 10 reasons you should go and study in Italy, but the most important one is to get the real abroad experience, choosing one of the most recognizable and famous countries of Europe for your best years.

The most well-known subjects you can study abroad in Italy are:

As for best-ranked universities, it’s worth mentioning:

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5. Canada offers the abroad experience closer to home

Not everybody is willing to cross an ocean for a degree, and that’s ok. Canada offers a wide range of Master’s degrees and is such a different culture compared to their Southern neighbour, that it will feel like a completely different world once you get there.

You will find the most Master’s degrees in Canada are in these disciplines:

You can now apply to one of the partner universities in Canada. Check them out:

Check out more universities offering Masters in Canada.

6. France is chic, care-free and versatile 

France is an honourable mention on this list, seeing how many American students choose to go and follow their Master’s degrees in the country of delicious wine and cheese.

If you wish to study in the most bohemian and care-free country out there, you’re in luck: home to some of the most versatile programs in Europe, the most popular and grounded disciplines from which you can choose are:

So what are you waiting for? With so many international destinations where you'll feel right at home, the world's your oyster. And don't forget there are plenty other great places where you can study abroad!

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