7 Top Engineering Masters from Europe Accepting Low IELTS Scores

The IELTS exam – or, the International English Language Testing Service exam – is the most popular test for assessing a student’s English language (written and spoken) skills. Programmes all over the world rely on the IELTS test as a way to decide whether a student’s English skills are good enough to complete the necessary assignments and effectively participate in classes.

If you’re worried that your IELTS scores are too low to study Engineering in Europe, you don’t need to panic. There are plenty of Engineering Masters who will admit students with lower-than-average IELTS scores. Below we will list five European universities whose engineering Master’s programmes will accept a low IELTS score between 5.5 and 6.0.

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1. M.Sc. in Biochemical Engineering at KU Leuven – Leuven, Belgium

Located in the beautiful city of Leuven, KU Leuven offers an exciting multicultural environment perfect for students hoping to get a career in engineering. With a remarkably rich academic culture and a unique emphasis on scholarly excellence, students find themselves able to nurture their skills, preparing them for lucrative careers.

Furthermore, students who decide to enrol at KU Leuven find that several of their classmates come from different cultural, national, and linguistic backgrounds, fostering unique contact with different skills sets and perspectives. If you enrol at KU Leuven to pursue a degree in engineering, you needn’t prove heightened English language skills; only ambition, motivation, and an appetite for knowledge.

2. M.Sc. in Electrical Engineering at Tampere University of Technology – Tampere, Finland

QS ranked Tampere University in top 30 of universities that offer the best engineering and technology degrees in 2017. The university has research partnerships with leading universities in Finland and abroad.

The Master in Electrical Engineering offers you the chance to select your specialisation in the area, such as electronics, smart grids, or wireless communications.

In addition to lectures, students enrolled in electrical engineering degrees work on several practical assignments and group projects, watch live tutorials and engage in hands-on laboratory experiments.

3. Master in Electronics at ESIEE Paris - Paris, France

As a member of the Conférence des grandes écoles françaises, enrolling at ESIEE Paris is a guarantee that you will study a top-quality engineering programme. At ESIEE Paris, all engineering degrees are interdisciplinary and combine engineering principles with business and social sciences knowledge.

When you apply to the Master’s programme in Electronics, you can choose to specialise in either micro and nano technologies, or wireless communications. ESIEE Engineering students can test their ideas in one of the joint research laboratories specialised in informatics, electronics and communication systems.

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4. M.Sc. in Water Technology at Wageningen University – Wageningen, Netherlands

At Wageningen University, students will be preparing themselves for a career in engineering in an environment that encourages creativity and passion for knowledge. If you’re interested in advancing new technology or presenting ideas for global development, attending this university would be a brilliant choice and one that will guarantee your entrance to a wonderful career and future.

Students who decide to enrol at the Wageningen University will witness everything that a strong research university has to offer and the faculty members who contribute to building new research every single day. You will also be surrounded by like-minded students who are interested in collaborating and creating new projects. No matter where you are from, or what your nationality is, you will be welcomed into Wageningen University rapidly-growing engineering programme.

5. M.Sc. in Petroleum and Mining Engineering at Politecnico di Torino – Torino, Italy

One of the best technical schools in the world, Politecnico di Torino is also perfectly situated in a lovely city full of vibrant life and culture. Many people talk about living in Torino and making such a perfectly beautiful place their home; students there, however, actually get to make this a reality. A great combination of academic history and a huge student population will merge together in making your study experience exhilarating.

Politecnico di Torino also has a specialised Career Services, which enables dialogue and connections between students and industry partners. Watch presentations, attend conferences, and meet with entrepreneurs in the technology and engineering industry.

These opportunities, as well as the great network of student organisations, will allow any engineering student to broaden their horizons and achieve a wealth of knowledge in the process. Students don’t need to have the best English language skills; they need only show a capacity for leadership, discipline, confidence, and ambition.

6. M. Sc. in Engineering and Management at Coventry University - Coventry, the UK

Coventry University has received the Gold Award in the 2017 UK’s Teaching and Excellence Framework. This means the study degrees available at Coventry University achieve a high standard of quality teaching.

The Master’s in Engineering and Management covers valuable knowledge related to innovation in engineering, risk analysis and entrepreneurship. You will also attend practical career workshops and have the chance to learn through play and develop problem-solving skills. Coventry University features a Disruptive Media Learning Lab where students use Lego blocks to create various models for their projects.

7. M.Sc. in Global Production Engineering and Management at Warsaw University of Technology - Warsaw, Poland

Warsaw University of Technology was the first Polish technical university and currently, it covers around 15 academic research centres, each focusing on a specific area. Additionally, the university features world-class research laboratories where you can expand your abilities and expertise in the engineering field, whether you’re interested in future technologies that will be used in physics or for protecting the environment.

As a student enrolled in the Global Production Engineering and Management Master programme, you will integrate and acquire knowledge from various fields such as ergonomics, industrial safety and environmental protection combine with innovation management and development of industrial products.

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