10 Top European Business Schools with Low IELTS Score Requirements

If you’re attending a university in Europe and hoping to join some of the best Business schools in the world, you’ll likely be required to take the IELTS exam to test your English-language (writing and speaking) skills.

Many students, though, are concerned about whether their scores will enable them to pursue a Master’s degree at the Business school of their dreams. However, if your score stays around 6.0 to 6.5, you can be sure that several schools will happily consider your score.

Below we will list ten universities and business schools that accept a minimum score of 6.0 or 6.5. Read details about each university, and decide whether their business school is the right place for you.

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1. Budapest Metropolitan University

Looking for students to contribute to their aim for sustainability and critical business decisions, Budapest Metropolitan University also opens their doors to a diverse and international student body right there in the city of Budapest.

Their initiative is to shape business leaders of the next generation who have the right ambition and passion for re-designing the world of economics and business management, so that we can advance the future with sharper minds from vastly differing backgrounds.

2. Università Commerciale Luigi Bocconi 

At Luigi Bocconi University, you can specialise in finance, management or marketing, and you can also apply to several MBAs. Luigi Bocconi is the only business school in Italy present in the top 100 international MBA programmes. Additionally, Financial Times ranked the university in the top 30 best business schools worldwide.

All students complete an internship before they graduate and the university organises around 300 business and career-related events each year. During these events, students, graduates, alumni and local entrepreneurs network and share ideas about career opportunities.

3. University of Helsinki

The study programmes offered by University of Helsinki target prospective students and young professionals from across the world, paying special attention to those from the Global South regions, where English is not as accessible as the other regional or national languages. Therefore, their purpose is to help ambitious students take a leap forward in their business career right here in Helsinki.

4. University of Southern Denmark

University of Southern Denmark believes in continuous education and the practical acquisition of skills. This is also the case of language competences. Thus, ambitious students with working knowledge of English are taught business, economics and management in a way that will advance and expand their language skills alongside economic understanding and business oriented strategic thinking.

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5. University of Bergen

By attending University of Bergen students are immersed in a rich domain of national and cultural diversity, coming into contact with students who have fresh insights into the realm of business, economics, management, and finance.

Having a high standard of education, while also not relying less on harsh and demanding admission standards, the University of Bergen is interested in students who demonstrate a keen understanding of and passion for making intelligent business choices.

6. University of Dundee

Within University of Dundee, you can apply to several Master degrees that specialise in:

  • International Business
  • Human Resource Management
  • Marketing
  • Management
  • Finance

The Times Higher Education and QS ranked University of Dundee in the top 200 of the best universities, particularly for excellent teaching and research. Dundee Business School supports its students through various events and competitions.

An annual event is Venture competition where students and alumni compete in a contest of business ideas and the best one wins a prize of 25,000 GBP.

As a student at Dundee, you can also attend masterclasses taught by leading business experts who will share their knowledge and experience.

7. KU Leuven

KU Leuven assures a high standard of learning, with exceptional job prospects for students who join their business, economics, finance, and management programmes. If you’re considering a business or marketing programme in Europe, you are encouraged to consider the many Master’s programmes offered here.

The university is eager to invite hard-working and disciplined students who have a strong academic and scholarly background. Their vision for inclusiveness and diversity in their classrooms allows them to welcome several candidates at various cultural backgrounds.

8. Utrecht University

Welcoming hundreds of international students each year, Utrecht University helps students achieve high educational value and career preparation so that graduates can be well-equipped to confront the challenges of business marketing.

In its aim towards cultural diversity and a strong international presence, Utrecht University is committed to empowering young students from all over the world, from different national backgrounds, to join in their reputable business programmes. To ensure that they nurture a multi-cultural environment, this university is interested less on test scores, and more on your attitude and abilities as a scholar.

See what Veronica, Laura, and Vivian have to say about studying at Utrecht University.

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9. Antwerp Management School

Going to the Antwerp Management School in Antwerpen will not only welcome you into an interesting and well-established business programme; it will also ensure that you are brought in contact with people from all over the world, from different social, academic, educational, and national backgrounds.

The programme at the Antwerp Management School is open to students who show a strong interest in being at the forefront of business management and innovation. Students who are keen to make smarter choices about businesses, even if their IELTS scores are low, will be easily considered for their programme.

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10. University of Vaasa

Getting a Master’s degree in business, marketing, administration, finance, or economics at the University of Vaasa will place you among a wide range of national and cultural backgrounds, languages, and perspectives.

Students who enter into this university don’t have to prove exceptionally high language proficiency, but are rather encouraged to show their interest in and enthusiasm for entering into the rapidly-changing business world.

Hoping to foster a strong engagement across cultural and national borders, while also stimulating creative discussion and collaboration, the University of Vaasa is an ideal choice for students, no matter what your test scores are.

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