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Going for Guaranteed Cheap University Tuition Fees in Spain in 2023

Spain is one of the most popular countries worldwide for both tourists and international students. Well-known for its affordable living costs, lovely weather and fascinating culture, it is no wonder that thousands of people are drawn to the country of fiestas.

If you’re a student looking for affordable universities in Europe, Spain should be on your list. Spanish universities offer affordable tuition fees, especially when you compare them with tuition from other countries, like the UK, US, or Australia.

Keep on reading as we’ll talk about average tuition fees in Spain and scholarships available to international students.

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Tuition fees at Spanish universities

Spain has around 70 higher education institutions. At public universities, tuition fees are set by each Autonomous Community. This means that fees have a minimum and a maximum tier according to each region in Spain. Tuition increases if you withdraw and enrol the second or third time in the same programme.

Tuition fees limits imposed by Autonomous Communities only apply to official degrees. Spanish universities can also offer university-specific degrees, for which there is no tuition limit. At most public universities, tuition costs for official degrees range between 150 – 3,500 EUR/academic year for both Bachelor’s and Master’s degrees.

Private universities can set tuition according to their rules, but fees do not usually exceed 20,000 EUR/year. Some programmes offered by business schools, like MBAs, can cost over 30,000 EUR/year.

Here are some testimonials offered by former students in Spain:

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Which disciplines have the lowest tuition fees?

If you’re interested in a Bachelor's degree, these disciplines have some of the lowest tuition fees:

If you’re interested in pursuing an affordable Master’s degree, you can choose to study programmes in subjects like:

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Tuition fees at top universities in Spain

Below, we’ve listed the average tuition costs at some of the best universities in Spain. As you can see, fees can range significantly depending on the university, degree type, and your nationality.

Funding and scholarships for international students in Spain

The number of scholarships and loans programmes has increased in the last years, so you are encouraged to apply for these opportunities. Examples of scholarships include:

You can also check out the Studyportals Scholarship to get some help on financing your studies abroad.

Find more scholarship opportunities in Spain.

Costs for extra study materials

You will spend around 50 EUR per month on books and other study materials. If you want to attend special classes, like Spanish language lessons, you will also have to pay a fee that can be as low as 40 EUR, but it can also lead to a few hundred euros.

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Choose from a variety of study options in Spain

In Spain, you can pursue a degree in numerous fields, from Arts and Literature to Sciences and Engineering – all at affordable costs. Financially, Spain offers international students numerous benefits, not just in terms of tuition, but when it comes to living costs as well. If you’re ready to begin your European adventure, start looking for a Bachelor’s or Master’s in Spain.

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