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10 Reasons to Take an MBA in a Business School from Spain in 2023

Are you considering studying a degree in Business Administration abroad? Then, surely, you had looked into Business schools from Spain.

Moreover, if you’re considering to start a business in Spain or in a Spanish-speaking environment, a Spanish business school might be the ideal choice for you. Spain welcomes over 50,000 international students each year, with Madrid and Barcelona as the most popular student cities.

Business schools in Spain have a worldwide reputation that precedes them. According to the Financial Times, Spain has more business schools in the European top ten than any other country. Apart from having some of the best business schools with plenty of English-taught programmes, Spain has so much more to offer.

Here is a list including 10 reasons why you should give Spain a serious thought if you’re interested in studying Business Administration.

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1. Study at some of the best Business schools worldwide

Spain has some of the best business schools in Europe according to a top ten list made by Financial Times, and two of them are also present in the best MBAs worldwide list made by The Economist:

The criteria for selecting the best business schools usually focuses on aspects like reputation, how international the schools are, how fast graduates land a management job and also on the level of satisfaction students have with their study programmes.

Financial Times, for instances also measures graduates’ salaries, and in terms of the annual income of the graduates from top Spanish business schools, this exceeds 100,000 EUR/year.

2. Choose from a large number of MBA specialisations

Particularly for MBAs, Spanish business schools provide a wide palette of specialisations, from:

Basically, you can specialise in any field you wish for in terms of good management, entrepreneurship and administration.

Additionally, business administration programmes offered by Spanish business schools allow students to work with real case studies so they can have an insight on the professional standards and requirements of the exact field they study.

3. Getting into a Business school in Spain– Easy as pie!

Compared to western countries and even other countries from Europe, entry requirements for most Spanish business schools are not particularly high standard. Usually, proof of English or Spanish proficiency and a high school or a Bachelor’s graduate certificate are sufficient.

However, since the competition is fierce and many candidates apply to business schools in Spain each year, standing out from the crowd by having graduated with high grades, having interesting volunteering, internship or work experience will be considered bonus points that can successfully get you admitted.

If you haven’t achieved these results, you can always enrol in a pre-MBA programme anywhere in Europe and after successfully completing the programme, apply at a business school in Spain.

4. Engage in unique internship opportunities

Business administration programmes from Spain follow an excellent academic standard and always include at least one professional skills module, where students can advance basic management skills.

Apart from enjoying a business-oriented and practical approach, students can also partake an internship opportunity, since all Spanish business schools have close collaborations with many multinational companies.

Some students have the chance to land a permanent work contract after graduation, most of the job offers are available in Spain.

5. Enjoy warm people and sunny weather

Spanish people are known to be extremely hospitable and welcoming so it is no wonder the Daily Mail declared Spain as the most tourist-friendly country in the world. Who wouldn’t want to study in a place that guarantees you will be surrounded by friendly people?

While you will easily accommodate with Spanish locals, another weight off your shoulders will be the concern about adjusting to bad weather. There is literally no bad weather in Spain, mostly, you would experience a sunny and pleasant weather and rainfalls are extremely rare.

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6. Embrace tons of cultural activities

Spain is one of the top touristic attractions in the world, so while attending a business school here, you can enjoy a plethora of cultural activities that will make you immerse in the beautiful and unique Spanish culture.

If you’ll attend a business school in Barcelona, you’ll get to admire Gaudi’s architectural masterpieces, including Park Guell and Sagrada Familia, walk along Barceloneta Beach, while in Madrid, you can visit The Royal Palace of Madrid, Prado Museum, Las Ventas Bullring and more.

7. Large number of English-taught MBAs

Although the large number of English-taught programmes is not available for many Bachelor or Master degrees, most Spanish business schools offer MBAs taught completely in English.

However, studying how to be the best manager or how to successfully start your own business, you’ll inevitably end up learning Spanish language, even if you applied to an English-taught business degree.

Adding Spanish language to your set of skills is by no means a great advantage, as it can open doors to numerous career opportunities. For any kind of job you’re hunting, employers worldwide consider language skills as an incredibly valuable asset.

8. Spanish Business schools are the start of a successful international career

Particularly if you are interested in starting out or further develop a business in Spain or in Latin America, completing a business administration degree at a top Spanish business school is what you need to do.

On the other hand, regardless of the location where you plan to advance your management or entrepreneurship skills, a business school from Spain can fully prepare you for becoming a skilful manager.

Business administration degrees have a holistic and international approach meant to teach you how to conduct an affair on any continent. Multinational companies recruit from Spanish business schools for job positions worldwide so a business administration degree completed in Spain will always look good on your CV.

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9. Spain's multicultural community

In Spain, you can blend in among a multicultural population, as you will encounter many Europeans and Latin Americans. Additionally, business schools in Spain gather students coming from all over the world, so your classmates will be French, Italian, American, German and so on.

Studying an MBA in an overall international environment is a major advantage, especially since it provides you with the chance for a wide networking. And for a successful business, networking is one of the key elements.

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10. Several scholarships are offered to international students

Business schools in Spain are highly interested in recruiting valuable candidates and for this reason, many of them offer scholarships and loans, including to foreign students.

Whether you’re an undergraduate or a graduate student, you will find a selection of scholarships available for specific business administration programmes. Simply search for information about scholarships on the websites of business schools or contact them by e-mail or phone.

You can also check out the Studyportals Scholarship to get some help on financing your studies abroad.

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Choose a Spanish Business school for a high-flying career!

Considering the numerous benefits Spain offers to international business students, it is no wonder that business administration is one of the most popular study fields in the country.

Worth mentioning is the fact that Spain has affordable living costs, especially compared to other European countries, so financially speaking, your time in Spain won’t be hard to bear.

Start your search for a business school in Spain and find a suitable business administration degree that will skyrocket your future career as a business manager.

Don't know where to start? We recommend checking out these business schools in Spain:

The gist of the captivating experience you will have while doing an MBA in Spain is enough to propel you to start applying to universities.

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