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Are you interested in global environmental issues and their associated economic mechanisms? Do you want to contribute to solving problems related to the forests, seas, agriculture, fish stocks, biodiversity or food? If so, the Master’s Programme in Agricultural, Environmental and Resource Economics at the University of Helsinki has been designed as if with you in mind.

The verdant Viikki Campus nine kilometres outside the centre of Helsinki provides a unique setting in which to study and research agricultural, environmental and resource economics. The campus is buzzing with leading experts in economics and natural sciences mixed with enthusiastic students. They all share a desire to find solutions to the critical question facing the future of our planet: how can we make use of natural resources more sustainably?

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Campus with an international buzz

Professor Marko Lindroos, Head of the Master’s Programme in Agricultural, Environmental and Resource Economics, underlines the multidisciplinarity of the Viikki Campus. “The campus is where economists and natural scientists come together in rare interaction, which means students gain perspectives and contacts also from outside their own field.

The campus is home not just to the university, but also to the Natural Resources Institute Finland (Luke) and in 2017, the Finnish Environment Institute SYKE also relocated to the area. This will make the campus a real centre of excellence in natural resources and offer students interesting research and employment opportunities.”

At Viikki, teachers and students work closely together and feedback from teaching is collected on a regular basis. “Our students are highly motivated and a superb team spirit prevails. This is a really great crowd to teach and supervise,” Marko Lindroos enthuses. The campus has a very cosy atmosphere, yet also exudes international ambience. ”Although this is a new master’s programme taught in English, we already have a long experience and tradition of teaching courses in English and of exchange students from around the world.

Likewise, our students go on exchange schemes to universities outside Finland to study or gain work practice. We have excellent partner universities, which also teach subjects not on offer here. Besides which, we have a wide range of close international cooperation in research.”

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Good career prospects for students

Professor Lindroos wants to emphasise the significance of research methodology for the future academic career. “We give students excellent capability to master various methodological approaches in the field of economics. This means our students are introduced to real practical research projects already when studying for their Master’s. 

Needless to say, an ability to grasp methodological approaches is an absolute must for those wishing to pursue a career in research – and we otherwise also have our own doctoral education programme,” Lindroos mentions. “The career prospects for students in the field are very good, also outside academia. Our graduates are easily employable in a diverse range of jobs both in the public and private sectors.”

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