Why Study for a Fashion Degree in Paris in 2022?

You don’t have to travel to Paris to find out that it is the fashion capital of the world and that each corner from this city is covered with some form of elegance and style. Everything has to stay trendy and chic in Paris, and even the locals strive to dress up as fashionable as possible each day. And don’t think it’s an effort for them.

The French people simply follow the tradition of sharp dressing that has been going on for centuries. Simply put, selecting good fabric clothing, attention to details and properly accessorizing the outfit is just the natural French way of living.

Because Paris equals Fashion, it is only natural that you will find plenty of Fashion degrees here, with professors that are leading experts in the field. And yes, as a Bachelor’s or Master’s student in one of these incredible and reputed Fashion academies and institutes, you will get to see and learn all the magic work and wonders of fashion designers that have been working closely with fashion icons like Chanel, Louis Vuitton, Givenchy, or Hermès.

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Why study abroad in Paris?

Paris is a city that inspires any kind of artist and intellectual and has that special vibe that invites anyone to be a creative person. Basically, Paris is the ideal place for anyone who is interested in learning and specializing in art, architecture, design, French language, and of course, anything that is related to fashion.

Here are some other reasons why you should consider Paris for your studies abroad:

  1. In recent years, Paris has been rated as one of the best student cities, counting over 50,000 foreign students annually. Students that have chosen to come to Paris have benefited from top education combined with fantastic leisure activities.
  2. Paris is home to some of Europe’s most famous museums, landmarks, and monuments so as a temporary resident of Paris, you get the chance to visit all of them at your own pace and occasionally, you can see them for free. On Sundays, many museums in Paris are free of charge for all students.
  3. Paris universities are truly committed to making all international students feel welcome and they have several student associations. All foreign students are highly encouraged to join these student associations and to engage in various social and cultural activities meant to complement their study experience.
  4. Enjoy the French cuisine and wine and coffee culture. Who doesn’t love the famous croissant, pain au chocolat, crepes, along with a good coffee? In Paris, this will be your daily breakfast and the French appreciate wine so much that it’s actually cheaper than juice. Don’t worry! Despite the price, it is the highest quality.

Some of the most popular attractions you shouldn’t miss in Paris are: Ferris wheel at Place de La Concorde, Notre Dame Cathedral, Louvre, Musée d'Orsay, Centre Georges Pompidou, the Eiffel Tower, Hôtel de Ville, Musée de l'Orangerie, Musée Rodin, Carnavalet Museum, L'Opera Garnier, Maisons de Victor Hugo, the Promenade Plantée, Montparnasse district.

Why study a Fashion degree in Paris?

Many of the Bachelor’s and Master’s degrees in Fashion are entirely taught in English so you don’t have to worry about the language barrier. However, learning at least basic French will be required if you want to succeed in the fashion business in Paris.

Specialisations in Fashion provided by Parisian universities and academies include a large palette like fashion design, fashion illustration, fashion promotion, marketing, retailing and merchandising, even MBA in fashion design or luxury brand management.

Apart from the well-known fashion schools, Paris literally breathes fashion and artistic expression. Surely, you have heard about Champs Elysee, "La plus belle avenue du monde" (“The most beautiful boulevard in the world”) that is filled with luxurious and original fashion and design stores.

Well, this avenue, along with other shopping streets from Paris will be your second classroom. You don’t have to spend too much money on clothing, just visit the stores, get inspired and learn a few more things about fashion trends.

In addition to all these, Paris often hosts many events related to fashion and the most hunted by all fashion addicts is the Paris Fashion Week.

paris fashion week.jpg

Teaching style in universities from Paris

Fashion schools and academies from Paris focus on helping students understand and acquire all there is to know about fabrics, materials, construction techniques and textile design methods, encouraging them to express their own vision and find their style.

Professors and lecturers come from around twenty different countries, which enables students to gather different cultural perspectives, stimulates their creativity and innovative thinking.

Interesting features of Fashion degrees in Paris:

  1. Lectures always simulate the working process of a professional design studio, from sketch drawings to pattern making and the actual creation and manufacturing of a piece of clothing, shoes or bags.
  2. Within some Fashion universities, students engage in study exchange-programmes and travel to other campus locations, and experience different teaching and working style in the field of fashion.
  3. Students are often involved in various projects that give them the opportunity to meet with personnel from local fashion companies and houses and engage in business related programs.

Universities offering Fashion courses in Paris

The main higher educational institutions dedicated to students who want to study Fashion are:

Find out more details about how can you apply to a university in France.

Career development for Fashion students

Many of the French universities and Fashion schools integrate a career service centre and during the final year of a Fashion degree, they assist students in finding jobs in the field and they also provide students access to a large database of internships and jobs opportunities. Additionally, universities support Fashion students in terms of preparing for interviews and writing their resumes.

In many cases, six-months internships within a local French fashion house or fashion brand is available starting from the second year of study. Making a good impression during these internships really increases your chances of turning it into a real job after graduation.

fashion design students paris.jpg

Once you complete your Fashion degree, you can pursue careers like fashion designer, retail manager, fashion editor, textile designer, visual merchandiser. In Paris, you can submit your resume at one of the fashion magazines (Elle, Vogue, Marie Claire), fashion stores (Christian Lacroix, Céline, Isabel Marant, Hermès, L’Eclaireur) or work as a freelancer and create your fashion brand.

Living in Paris: accommodation and transportation

Paris is an expensive city and the rent costs will usually cover around 50% of your monthly expenses.

Average cost of living in Paris

An average student will need a budget of 1,190-1,700 EUR per month to cover all living expenses.

The main housing options in Paris are:

  • Halls of residence – rates are between 250 and 400 EUR/month
  • Share an apartment – prices range between 450 and 700 EUR/month


Paris has a well-developed and extensive public transportation system and you can easily travel by bus and by metro. The price of a bus or metro ticket varies from 1.70 -2 EUR, but if you choose a monthly pass, you will get a discount and pay around 37 EUR/month.

Tuition fees for Fashion students in Paris

A Bachelor’s degree in Fashion offered by one of the many universities and academies in Paris has tuition fees between 7,000 and 8,500 EUR/year for EU students, while non-EU students are usually charged a higher tuition that starts from 8,000 EUR/year.

A Master’s degree and even an MBA in Fashion has tuition fees between 10,000 and 16,000 EUR/year for all international students (both EU and non-EU).

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Scholarships for students in Paris

International students who plan to pursue their higher education studies in Paris can apply to several scholarships, loans and grants. Scholarships are either offered by the French government, a French institution or university.

Check out these scholarship opportunities:

You can also check out the Studyportals Scholarship to get some help on financing your studies in France.

See more international scholarships for France and search for more on Scholarshipportal.

Get a degree in Fashion in Paris, the global city in terms of style and elegance and find your inspiration in becoming the next famous fashion designer!

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