Why Study for a Psychology Degree in Amsterdam in 2020?

Amsterdam is one of the most international and developed cities in Europe and due to its vibrant and diverse cultural and city life, and a completely relaxed atmosphere, it’s practically a heavenly spot for international students. What better place to study a Psychology degree than a European city that gathers a large multicultural population, and has friendly locals who are incredibly open-minded?

In addition, Dutch universities are known to compete with worldwide famous educational institutions, offer a wide array of Bachelor’s and Master’s English-taught degrees, including in the Psychology field.

In fact, the higher education system in the Netherlands is so open and welcoming to internationals that some faculties use the American grading system for assessments and exams.

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Why study abroad in Amsterdam?

Amsterdam is such a cool place, combining a sophisticated and elegant flair as you admire the cosy houses surrounding the numerous canals, and a thriving and hip social life due to so many modern pubs and bars that you can find in the city.

As a bonus for bike lovers, Amsterdam not only encourages everyone to use bicycles as a way of getting around the town, but the infrastructure of the city is conceived to be bike-friendly more than anything else.

Here are the main reasons that make international students love Amsterdam:

1. Everyone speaks English

As an international student, one of the most important aspects is for you to easily integrate and immerse in the local culture. In Amsterdam, this process won’t take too long, as you can easily communicate to anyone in English, academically and socially speaking as well.

2. Belgium, Germany, and even France are just a few hours away

Amsterdam has such a great location that whenever you feel like spending your weekend in one of the nearby countries, nothing can stop you from doing it. Amsterdam has a very good transport connection, so Brussels, Antwerp, Paris and Dusseldorf are just a few hours away by train.

3. Incredible city life

In Amsterdam, it will be impossible to get bored, so you can enjoy many cultural venues, museums, galleries, but you can also party and have fun in countless bars, pubs and attend several concerts and local festivals.

4. Safe city and a high-quality life

Amsterdam is one of the safest cities in Europe, so your main concern will be to concentrate on your studies and enjoy living in this wonderful city. Amsterdam is also rated as a city with a high quality of life, which positively influences every aspect of your study experience while living here, including education, housing, work and internship opportunities.

Notable attractions in Amsterdam include Rijksmuseum, Van Gogh Museum and Stedelijk Museum, Anne Frank’s house, Vondelpark. At least one cruise on one of the numerous canals is a must and consider visiting the Nine Streets – the hotspots of vintage shops and stores.

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Why study a Psychology degree in Amsterdam?

First of all, studying Psychology abroad brings numerous advantages, as you will gain an understanding of how Psychology is practised internationally. Secondly, universities in Amsterdam provide numerous specialisations in the field, such as industrial and organizational psychology, cognitive psychology, clinical neuropsychology, developmental psychology, social psychology and more.

The main public universities from Amsterdam that offer Psychology studies are leading research groups, scientific publications and are involved in various projects related to mental health and psychotherapy. The institutions also have extensive partnerships with worldwide research universities and are always interested in various research opportunities.

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Amsterdam hosts several conferences and presentations in the psychology and behavioural sciences fields and in 2018, the European Congress of Psychology will take place here. So all students interested in this challenging and versatile field have all the reasons to consider specialising in Psychology in Amsterdam.

Teaching style in universities and colleges from Amsterdam

International study programmes offered by universities from Amsterdam dedicated to foreign students are English-taught and in some cases, provide part-time study options as well. Psychology faculties focus on teaching students how to apply psychological theories to understand and solve people’s individual or family issues.

Main features of Psychology degrees in universities from Amsterdam:

  • Apart from lectures, students can arrange teaching in individual meetings with professors
  • Theoretical classes are combined with advanced experimental research training
  • Students can attend special courses and workshops conducted by leading social psychology experts

Universities offering Psychology degrees in Amsterdam

The main universities where you can apply for a psychology degree in Amsterdam are:

  • University of Amsterdam (in top 20, according to  2017 QS Rankings, and in top 70 best universities, based on The Times Higher Education World Rankings)
  • Vrije University Amsterdam (in top 70 best universities worldwide for psychology studies in 2017, according to QS Rankings, and in top 70 best universities, based on The Times Higher Education World Rankings)

Read useful information about how you can apply to a Dutch university.

Career development for Psychology students

In Amsterdam, you can find several private psychological counselling offices and due to the fact that every business field needs the expertise of a psychologist, graduated psychology students can engage in work opportunities in one of the many local companies. Examples include famous multinationals, such as Booking.com, ING, Philips, IBM, Accenture, Heineken, Microsoft, KPMG.

Additionally, a common practice is for psychology and counselling specialists from Amsterdam to promote their services on websites. Check out these resources:

  1. Amsterdam Counselling Therapy
  2. International Therapist Directory North Holland
  3. Counselling Amsterdam

Living in Amsterdam: accommodation and transportation

Considering the high quality of life and the fact that it’s a European capital, Amsterdam has moderate living costs.

Average costs of living in Amsterdam

Most international students spend between 1,000 and 1,500 EUR/month. 

Types of student housing options in Amsterdam is available on and off campus.

  • Students dormitories in flats on campuses usually cost around 650 EUR/month
  • Hostels and shared rooms have prices that range between 275 and 500 EUR/month
  • A one-bedroom private rental apartment is between 1120 – 1,400 EUR/month, depending on location


As mentioned before, Amsterdam is an ideal city for cycling, so traveling by bike is always an option. A transport pass costs 90 EUR/month, but with the “Iamsterdam City Card”, you can enjoy discounts, free canal cruises and free use of public transport.

Tuition fees for Psychology students in Amsterdam

The annual tuition fees for a Psychology programme at a university from Amsterdam averages at approximately 2,000 EUR/year for EU full-time Bachelor’s and Master’s students.

For non-EU students, tuition for a Psychology degree is usually higher, ranging between 6,000 and 14,000 EUR/year, depending on the degree level.

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Scholarships for students in Amsterdam

Students who plan to study in Amsterdam can choose from various funding options, such as scholarships, fellowships and grants. The Netherlands government is interested in attracting international students, thus it provides several scholarships.

You can also check out the Studyportals Scholarship to get some help on financing your studies in the Netherlands.

Student visa for the Netherlands

Nationals from EU and the following countries: Australia, Canada, Japan, Monaco, New Zealand, South Korea, the United States of America or Vatican City won’t need to apply for a student visa for the Netherlands.

The rest of the non-EU students planning to study in the Netherlands for more than 90 days, will need an entry visa – Provisional Residence Permit (MVV in Dutch) and a Residence Permit (VVR in Dutch).

Find our more details about the study visa for the Netherlands.

Choose a Bachelor’s or Master’s degree in Psychology in one of the universities from Amsterdam and start your amazing study journey.

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