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Each year, Studyportals rewards the top universities that achieve the great performance of helping international students have a wonderful study abroad experience. Based on students’ feedback and testimonials gathered in 2016, University of Bergen from Norway is one of the higher educational institutions that has managed to effectively satisfy students’ needs and expectations in terms of both academic as well as personal goals and achievements.

While students’ reviews and opinions about their study time at a certain university may be subjective, they bring valuable insights that give a more in-depth perspective compared to rankings made by famous educational institutions.

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Results of the International Student Satisfaction Awards 2016 also revealed that Norway is the top country in terms of the number of international students that feel happy and pleased with their decision to have come to study here. So what makes Norway such a lovely study abroad location?

1. You’ll feel welcomed from day one

Norway may have a cold weather for the most part of the year, but Norwegians have their way of giving you a warm welcome to foreigners. Norwegian universities, in particular, focus on helping international students adjust to a new country and a new culture and provide them support in both academic and personal matters.

2. Study for free

Public universities don’t charge any tuition fee to both local and international students (regardless if they come from countries that are members of the EU/EEA or not). You would only have to pay for a small fee of around 50 EUR each semester.

3. Professors are your friends

All universities from Norway keep a very relaxed and friendly atmosphere, including in terms of the relationship between students and teachers. International students have always been pleasantly surprised by the fact that they are not required to keep a formal attitude with professors. In fact, they are encouraged to talk with professors, ask questions and advice about lectures, coursework or assessments.

4. You can study and work

International students are allowed to work with their student visa as follows: they can partake part-time jobs for up to 20 hours per week during semesters and full-time during holidays.

5. Enjoy a safe and high standard environment

Norway has a high standard of living with a diverse and attractive labour market and is also one of the safest countries in Europe, having a very low crime rate.

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University of Bergen – a top ranked university satisfying students’ needs

This year, one of the top Norwegian universities presented by Studyportals with the International Student Satisfaction Award was the University of Bergen. Students rated University of Bergen as excellent, receiving a 9.0 score out of 10.

University of Bergen or UiB takes pride in an outstanding academic excellence and has been ranked in the top 200 best universities, according to QS and The Times Higher Education and in top 300 by Academic Ranking of World Universities (Shanghai ranking). The university has six faculties and offers a wide range of study programmes for Bachelor's, Master's and PhD level, with around 400 English-taught degrees.

UiB has some interesting and great achievements such as:

  • Uib is one of the leaders in Arctic research, being one of the most cited universities in the world in this field.
  • The university has its own magazine in which the results of their research work are published. Due to their proximity to the Norwegian Sea, University of Bergen has been continually involving in marine and climate research and one of the current projects stresses on understanding climate changes by studying fossil shells.
  • UiB has also created and developed theories and practices of modern meteorology.

Counting around 1,500 international students each year, University of Bergen doesn’t only provide students a high standard of teaching and learning. At UiB, all foreign students are guaranteed campus housing and in order to make them accommodate easier while also having fun, it offers them several opportunities to socialise and immerse in the local culture. There are numerous student organisations they can join, some are focused on social or creative learning activities, while others are affiliated to a certain religious belief.

At the University of Bergen, you can attend Norwegian language classes or participate in a language exchange program called Tandem, where you can find a partner and teach and practice with each other a foreign language.

Study abroad in Norway

Student life in Bergen

Bergen is the second largest city in Norway, and an important economic and commercial hub. However, the city has the friendly atmosphere of a small town and you can enjoy splendid views anywhere you turn, as the city is surrounded by seven mountains and also connects to the Norwegian Sea.

Because Bergen is a fantastic natural landscape, outdoor activities are very common and you can engage in some of the most extreme sports: climbing, rafting, skiing, mountain biking, fishing, scuba diving. You can climb one of the many mountains one day, enjoy a canoe trip on the fjords the next.

Bergen is not all about nature, so you can visit several interesting cultural attractions, such as Bryggen – a UNESCO World Heritage Site and a place where you can admire local art works. Visit the old 12th century St Mary's Church, the Wharf and several museums.

As you can see, Bergen has it all and you can enjoy an enriching mix of excellent study opportunities and fascinating leisure activities.

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