10 Fresh Universities in the UK for Your Unforgettable Foundation Year in 2020

The foundation degree study is an experience that definitely prepares you both for higher education and for living abroad. When you decide to study abroad and take that foundation year that may serve as an accommodation, why not try it in the United Kingdom, one of the top countries in Europe?

The home of many famous universities could be the most suitable place where you are introduced to student life and the academic environment, which are difficult to match in other parts of the world.

In the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland, as the UK is officially known, it all began in medieval times with Oxford University and Cambridge University, two of the oldest institutions of their kind in the world. Today, the country has 163 universities and over 1,000 preparation courses to over 420,000 international students that enrol in universities yearly.

Among the higher education institutions of the UK, there are some young universities which successfully made their way to international rankings. These can be both alternatives to traditional and reputed universities which may turn into an effort to your budget while also contributing with some fresh perspectives on teaching and research. Below, you can find the best ten universities where you can study a foundation degree in the UK, according to the Times Higher Education.

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The 150 Under 50 ranking was developed taking into consideration 13 performance indicators such as teaching, research, citations, international outlook, knowledge transfer, reputation and measurements of the impact on the global education stage. Here are the top universities in the UK where you can apply for a foundation degree course.

1. University of Dundee, Scotland

The institution offers foundation degree courses in business, life sciences, engineering/physics/maths and life sciences combined with English language modules. The programmes include cultural tours and classes have a maximum of 14 students. Along with the foundation degree, you will also earn a Certificate in Higher Education (CertHE).

2. University of Bath, England

Ranked 1st at student experience by THE, the university offers preparation courses hosted by education colleges and partner organisations. The subjects are addictions counselling, applied computing, childhood studies and motorsport engineering.

3. University of Surrey, England 

The mix of English and business, law, social sciences, engineering, physics and life sciences attract international students to enrol in the foundation degrees that open yearly in September and February. The offer is even more rewarding since you can also study for the IELTS exam during the programme.

4. University of Stirling, Scotland

The programme grants you entrance to the second year of an undergraduate degree and focuses on your academic and English skills. You may focus on Business/Finance/Marketing, Media/Humanities/Social Sciences, Science Computing and Mathematics or Engineering and take advantage of traditional or integrated courses.

5. Plymouth University, England

At this university, you will find a FdSc programme that teaches Navigation and Maritime Science and that supports you to develop a career in the field. The two-year programme includes one year of working at the sea and plenty of information about the merchant navy, yachting and superyacht industries.

6. Loughborough University, England 

You can find programmes that include many courses based on Engineering, as well as Mathematics, Physics and Social Sciences. You can even enrol in special programmes designed for athletes who had high achievements. The study includes a mix of teaching and research and you even have the potential to find employment in a major local company after graduation.

7. Aston University, England 

The foundation programmes are developed in collaboration with corporations such as BMW, E.on and NHS and are also targeted at those who are already employed. You can earn a foundation degree in engineering, business and education management, audiology and logistics, while you benefit from academic and work-based learning.

8. Brunel University London

An affiliated college of the university offers both Pre-Bachelor and Pre-Master preparation courses with flexible start dates, small classes and specialists as lecturers. You can study Engineering, Business, Computing, Economics or Law and enjoy socialising with your colleagues from the small classes.

9. City University London, England 

The courses last for 4 – 12 weeks and are suitable for further admission to Bachelor and Master programmes. From June to Early September, you can improve your English and academic skills and earn a degree from a university that guaranteed the entry to undergraduate/graduate programmes.

10. Heriot-Watt University, Scotland

The two foundation degree courses in Business, and Science and Engineering last from September to May and help students improve their English. After graduating, you may enrol directly to the second year of your chosen undergraduate programme and continue being a member of Heriot-Watt University.

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Choose your favourite foundation degree from the list above or any other institution or country and try out a sample of university life, including the benefit of facilities, events and sometimes spectacular campuses!

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